Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3 Star Rating Event

one good howl

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March 15, 2012 (midnight EST)

Laurie and I, WildAboutBones, wanted to take an opportunity to delve into the murky area of book review ratings. In March we are going to tackle the often controversial 3 Star Rating, what we call One Good Howl.

Thursday, March 29, 2012, will be for book reviewers to discuss in detail and educate our followers, authors and publishers on what a 3 Star rating means to us since so many people seem to react differently to seeing this much maligned rating. It is also an opportunity for our followers to tell us in their comments how they feel about reading, or the possibility of reading, a book we have given a 3 Star rating.

Friday, March 30, 2012, will be a single post containing a paragraph or two from several authors and publishers on their honest thoughts about receiving a 3 Star rating on their work; not what their ego feels but how they take the news of rating and what that rating means to them.

Authors who are interested in expressing their opinions in the March 30th post should email WildAboutBones with the subject of “3 Star Rating Event Author Request” to WildAboutBones [at] gmail [dot] com or here

1. You must have an online review site (blog, Wordpress, LiveJournal, etc.) to enter. Open only to book reviewers with a blog or online book review site.
2. Make sure your book reviewer(s) post goes live on March 29 at 12:01 am EST.
3. Make sure your authors/publishers post goes live on March 30 at 12:01 am EST.
4. Initially each review site will find their own authors to participate but if I have a lot of authors requesting to participate, I'll email those sites who want/need authors with the extras. Let me know if you want/need some more authors for your site but do not rely on this as the only way to find your authors.
5. There is no requirement for any giveaway for this event.
6. Email WildAboutBones with questions or for more details, use “3 Star Rating Event” as your subject at WildAboutBones [at] gmail [dot] com or here

To participate, enter your information in the linky below.


  1. Great idea! I have seen and had some puzzling reactions to a three star rating.

  2. This should be a howl! I'll be here!

  3. So you're basically asking for other bloggers to post their ideas on 3 star ratings on March 29th and then link back to you or the list of participating blogs?

    This should be interesting.

  4. This is a great idea. One question, what is the timezone you've used for the post times?

  5. Same question as Ellie: What is the timezone?

  6. Good question. Eastern Standard Time Zone

  7. It's so weird that I came across this post today, because I literally just posted about this issue a few days ago! I'm looking forward to this event and hearing more opinions on this!

  8. They are talking about this on the Book Bloggers ans Publishers Conference. Based on that panel there is a wide divide between what we think a 3 is. Thanks Felicia for pointing me here.

  9. hey! great event, i signed up, but my link isn't showing yet... Book Savvy Babe

  10. Are we going to get something letting us know exactly what we are supposed to include. I don't understand the part about us getting a author to participate? Help!

  11. I am so in! Although a giveaway isn't necessary - can we include one? Will there be a button of some sort that we can grab and use?

  12. Hey, Noa from Paperback Dolls here...any button?

  13. I haven't had a chance to find authors that are that bothered by 3 stars so I'm backing out on the event.

    In addition, I thought it was common courtesy to bcc in recipients on group emails... I keep the account I signed up with quite clean so I can keep up with blog related matters and prefer it not to be shared without my permission. Please can you take me off any further communications so I'm not copied in on everything - thanks.

  14. Damn I forgot to add my blog to the linky =/ sorry! I'm getting my post up today!


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