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ARC Review Catch and Release by J.T. Twerell

Title: Catch and Release
Author: J.T. Twerell
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: E-book; 76,000 words
Release date: 2011

A botched drug raid took her father’s life when she was 7. On her 13th birthday she witnessed her mother’s murder. Alone in the world, Jennifer Blade sets out to even the score. At 33, enmeshed in a game that knows no rules, she is about to fulfill her quest when everything unravels. Fleeing for her life, she heads to the mountains of upstate New York where she unexpectedly finds new reason to live. Steve Sanders, a 38-year-old psychologist with a predictable life, is on a fishing trip in the mountains. Little does he know that all vacations are not created equal.



My review-

This book is a little harder to review. It's not the normal paranormal romance that you normally see here at BBPNR.

Overall the story was good in terms of the plot and the romance between hero and heroine was sweet. However, on a personal level, I did not enjoy it. I have difficulty, as it is, with reading a book written in the first-person perspective. This book kept switching between third-person prespective in one chapter and moving to first-person prespective in the next. This really threw me out of the story as I was reading and made it difficult to get through, let alone enjoy.

If things like that do not throw you off, you will probably enjoy this book. If not, I would not suggest reading this selection.

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  1. I am with you on the switching perspectives taking away from the joy of the book. The plot is a nice idea though.
    Thanks for the review!


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