Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ARC Review Runner by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Title: Runner (Fringe #3)
Author: Anitra Lynn McLeod
Source: Author request
Genre Futuristic romance
Length: Novel
Release Date Jan 10, 2012

There’s always a loophole. Just don’t let it close around your neck.

The Fringe, Book 3

Bounty hunter Foster Nash is a ruthless bastard—just ask him. Thanks to an ex-girlfriend who robbed him blind, and another who nearly bit off his trigger finger, he’s not too high on women in general right now.

Desperate for funds to refill his retirement coffers, he jumps at a very lucrative contract: to bring in the doctor who created the Tyaa plague. Except his voluptuous target doesn’t behave like a criminal. Instead of rattling the bars, she accepts her fate with cool, cultured aplomb.

Jynx Brennan toiled for three years to save humanity from a disease she’s now blamed for creating. Since she refuses to use her psi ability as a weapon, it doesn’t help her escape Never-Fail Nash. In a moment of clarity, she decides there’s no point in denying herself a last fling with a living, breathing erotic fantasy.

After he recovers his surprise, Nash indulges the full depth of his physical needs upon her body—often, and to their mutual pleasure. But when it leads to unexpected emotional intimacy, he finds himself willing to risk everything to break a contract that will force him to deliver her to certain execution.

Warning: This futuristic romance contains one bad-ass bounty hunter, a refined lady doctor, a ship with a vile history, a villain with a viler history, and a wide black leather belt, slung low.




What a wonderful treat to read. I love the way Anitra writes futuristic romance, it’s always fun and extremely hot. The best thing I like about reading Aintra’s books is she writes a male with no frills they are what they are all hard loving no fills male. I love it! 

I instantly feel in love with both characters. They are so made for each other they just have to figure a way to be able to stay together. That will be a hard one because Foster always delivers his bounty. He never falls in love with them. 

Foster is rough around the edges and well he has a bit of an animal that likes to come out to play at times. Oh yeah, you guys are going to love his animal side;) 

Jynx is all prim and proper until she’s handed over to the lady that has the bounty out on her. You have to read and see how Jynx takes care of the matter. I loved it! 

I highly recommend this series and this book because it’s a standalone to anyone who like a good futuristic or sci-fi romance read. 


  1. Another new added to my wish list. LOL! So many books so little time.

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful first review on this book, Laurie! I hope more readers pick up and enjoy the series. :)

  3. Anitra- I do too. If they dont they are missing out!


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