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Authors After Dark Author Spotlight with Stephanie Julian

  Would you tell everyone a little about yourself?
Hi, I’m Stephanie Julian. I love to write, the hotter the better. I love to read, the hotter the better. I have a husband I adore and two teenage sons I love when I don’t want to throttle them.        

    What sub-genre do you write?
I write erotic paranormals, including the Forgotten Goddesses, Magical Seduction, Lucani Lovers, Darkly Enchanted and the Fringe series. And I just released my first straight contemporary (very light on romantic suspense), SEX, LIES & SURVEILLANCE.

Who/what is your writing muse? And in what environment or conditions do you write?
I write in my office, which is painted bright red with a purple carpet and bright yellow chair. It’s so vibrant, it makes me happy whenever I’m in it. I live with my husband and sons, so the rest of the house has a lot of testosterone floating around but this is totally my space. Most of my books are here and I have a huge bulletin board of inspiration, i.e. hot guy pix, on the wall.

What are you working on at this time?
A couple of things. I’m editing the next story in my new series, DeMarco Investigations. This is Nic and Annie’s story. I’m also working on a very short story featuring Cat that I hope to release before GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE, Book 3 in the Forgotten Goddesses series, goes on sale in July. I’m also awaiting word on the next Fringe story, featuring Andy, from my editor. Hoping for a February or March release for that one.

Fun questions of what you prefer
    Dog or Cat?
Cats, definitely. I have two. They spend all day in my office with me and keep me company.
  Comfy or Formal?
Definitely comfy but I love dressing up, especially for special events like masquerades and balls at reader events. Then it’s so much fun.
Denim or Leather?
Am I wearing it? Then it’s definitely denim. Denim is a little more concealing. Leather shows all the faults. Now if we’re talking hot guys, they definitely need a little black leather.
Wine or Beer?
Ooh, neither. Wine gives me a headache and beer tastes gross. Give me a fuzzy navel or a whiskey sour or a mojito and we’re good.
   Mountaintop or Oceanside?
Oceanside. Actually, more like Gulf of Mexico-side. My grandmother lived in Florida for many years and I spent several summers on the beach at Pass-a-grille.
 Boxers, briefs or commando for your hero?
Commando, baby.

He’s exactly what she’s always wanted...
Lucy was once the beloved Goddess of the Moon. These days the goddesses of the Etruscan pantheon are all but forgotten. The only rituals she enjoys now are the local hockey games, where one ferociously handsome player inflames her divine blood...
And she unleashes him like a force of nature...
Brandon Stevenson is one hundred percent focused on the game, until he looks up and sees a celestial beauty sitting in the third row. A man could fall hard for a distraction like that... 

Excerpt: 18@ over below please

As he coaxed open her lips with his tongue, he let one hand begin a slow exploration of the skin of her neck. Soft, warm. He wanted to lick her but he didn’t want to give up her mouth just yet.
Her taste seeped into him like a drug, making his dick hard and his heart pound against his ribs. Fuck it. Slow wasn’t gonna happen. Not this time, at least. He slid his hand into the neckline of her dress, wanting to touch her skin. The material gave way— And a second later, it wasn’t there at all.
He opened his eyes and lifted his head just enough to see her now-naked breasts. Her dress had vanished, leaving her completely naked beneath him.
His mouth hung open for a few, brief seconds before he lifted his gaze to hers and shook his head. “Now, there’s a skill you don’t see every day.”
“It comes in handy.” She watched him with deceptively half-lidded eyes. She didn’t miss a damn thing. “Would you like me to help you with your clothes?”
She was asking him much more than that. She was asking for his trust. For his belief. She wanted to watch his reaction to her magic. At the moment, he didn’t give a flying fuck about her magic. If it got his clothes off faster, he was all for it.
“Please do.” The faster he got naked, the better. Naked meant sex. Naked meant no more thinking.
Something brushed against his skin. It felt like electricity but different. He didn’t know how to explain it. And he just didn’t care.
One second, he was dressed. The next, his clothes were gone and he knelt between her legs naked with a hard-on that stood at full mast. As her gaze dipped, his cock throbbed. He swore the damn thing strained toward her.
It took him a few seconds to get past the Holy-shit-that-really-happened feeling. But he was a champion compartmentalizer. Lucy lay naked in front of him and he had a massive erection. Everything else could wait.
He thought about simply falling over her and fucking her until they both lost consciousness. Then he figured that might seem a little desperate.
But he couldn’t shake the feeling that his time with her was borrowed.
Well, fuck that.
Leaning back until he sat on his heels, he inched his knees forward, spreading her legs farther apart. If he let his gaze fall, he’d see her sex spread open, beckoning him. But he kept his eyes on hers, watching her reactions.
She didn’t disappoint him. Her lips parted as she drew in a deep breath. Good. She wasn’t as composed as she pretended.
“Damn, you have a fucking beautiful body.”
He wanted to take the words back as soon as they’d escaped. Not that he didn’t mean them. But, Christ, he could’ve phrased it better. He wasn’t a twenty-year-old horndog anymore. She deserved better from him.
He expected to see another one of her cool smiles and was surprised when her lips curved in a sweet grin that lit his blood on fire.
“I’m glad you think so.”
Okay, maybe his beautiful goddess enjoyed things a little dirty. Dirty he could do.
He let his gaze fall to her breasts, the dusky nipples quivering slightly with each increasingly unsteady breath. He lifted a hand and tweaked one. Hard. And watched her skin flush. “Do you want me to suck on your nipples or bite them?”
She didn’t answer as he kept up the rough caress, rolling the pebbled tip between his fingers until it had hardened into a firm peak. Then he switched sides. His cock continued to thicken, the blood beating in his veins like an insistent drum.
When he had both nipples as hard as stone, he took a breast in each hand and kneaded them with a firm grasp, loving the feel of her soft flesh. “So fucking soft. I could suck on these all night.”
“Then put your mouth on me, Brandon.”
“I’m not sure you’re ready for that yet. You’re not begging for it.”
“Goddesses don’t beg. For anything.”
Did he hear a note of regret under that haughty tone? He leaned forward, almost until their noses touched. He thought about kissing those gorgeous lips but forced himself to hold back. He really wanted her to beg.
Her breath whispered against his cheek, hot and sweet. When she drew in a deep breath, he thought, Now. Now she’ll ask for it.
But she only leaned forward and nipped at his bottom lip. With her teeth. Hard enough to make a tiny, sharp pain knife through him. It faded immediately but now he could barely breathe. Not with the surging lust in his body.
He wanted her to use those teeth all over him. On his neck, on his nipples, on his thighs. Hell, he’d beg to feel them scraping along his dick.
Not hard. Just enough to catch the skin and make him want more.
“Come on, baby. You can do better than that. I’m not going to break.”
He heard her breath stop for a few seconds. Easing back just a little, he caught that hint of yearning in her expression again.
Where the hell was that coming from? What did she want?
“Lucy, baby, I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you’re gonna scream. Do you think you can handle it?”
Brand swore a wave of heat rose from her body and covered him. Heat and lust and… Holy hell, he had to get inside her.


  1. Well if that excerpt didn't melt your sugar than maybe it's time to buy new sugar. Fun interview and now my TBR just grew to metropolis size.

  2. Love Stephanie Julian! I have got to get the Forgotten Goddesses series to add to my collection!

  3. I finished this one ealier this month and its a winner. Can't wait to meet both Stephanie and Laurie at AAD. Hurry up August and get here!!

  4. Wow your office sounds great. My husband would freak out if I did that to my I've read all your forgotten goddess books and loved them. Keep up the great writing.


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