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Guest Post with Clarrissa Lee Moon + freebie

Welcome Clarrissa Lee Moon

Hey readers,
The number one question always thrown at me is...why do you write about relationships that have more than one partner? And how would one, in fantasy or real life, deal with so many egos?

If one was being sarcastic, the easy answer is a lot of sex. But for real, the answer would be being great at diplomacy and always willing to be flexible and adaptable to any situation. One relationship is hard enough to deal with on a daily basis but to have to keep more than one man happy takes a willingness to go that extra mile in making sure all are happy campers.

Always making sure no one man has had more attention than any of the others; and women with children are already very good at this when you have more than one child. There really isn't much of a difference. Just kidding...but not:)

Most men, face it girls, are really just over grown children in the end. Men with power attitudes, power ties and the whole 'alpha ego' thing is the really big challenge. Juggling all alphas with no betas in a relationship is like handling nitro with a temper. Careful handling is needed on a 24/7 basis and you had better be real good at ducking and rolling when the fur flies. Never get in the middle of an alpha war. You'll just wind up feeling like Kibbles an' Bits at the end of it. Let them duke it out and be ready with the hydrogen peroxide and butterfly band aids afterwards, followed by intense love making and don't even think about saying no. They'll seriously need to blow off what's left of their testosterone- so bend over and like it with a smile.

So with all this in mind, writing about one on one relationships is easy. It's been done to death with several scenarios of how the relationships got started. Writing about polyandry relationships is much harder and therefore a challenge to me. Plus, I think women would be happier and bills would be paid more easily if there were more in a relationship than just the two. Seriously, two pay-checks barely covers monthly expenses anymore and both are exhausted by the end of the week to even think about making love. If there were more bread winners in the house, there would be more time for play and for love IMHO. But that's just my two.

So if you are one of the few lucky ones who have the time to read, then shoot on over to where Nightwolves Coalition will be free for kindle users Jan. 21st - 22nd to help you all with those monthly expenses. Just give your mate some loving this weekend and we'll call it even.

Have a howling good time both reading and loving!
Clarrissa Lee Moon

Clarrissa's Bio:
Clarrissa Lee Moon would like to live like a tumbleweed going from different states often. An avid reader and owner of more books and DVDs then any used book shop; she also enjoys Martial arts, swimming, riding Harleys and raising pure bred Japanese Chins. She has written as a journalist for two E-magazines. Author of Memoirs of The Nightwolves Series and Celeste Nites Novelettes. She considers herself unique, unusual and unconquerable!

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  1. Thanks for the post!!! I love werewolf books! I'm off now to check out all of these books at Amazon!

  2. My husband always says two wives would drive him nuts. Likewise, I can't imagine having to deal with two or more husbands! LOL! Way over my head!


  3. I have to tell you, that I've read all of Clarrissa's books so far, and I love them! What an imagination she has - great characters & stories. I can't wait for the next books!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  4. My two cents - first I couldn't deal with two men, the one I have drives to drink at times.
    Second, I have read all the nightwolves books and they are great, Clarrissa has an imagination that will make your head spin.


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