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Interview with paranormal romance author Gabrielle Bisset

Please welcome Gabrielle Bisset!

Hello, Gabrielle. I am so happy to have you here at Bitten today. Before we start the interview about your great series the Destined Ones would you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi everyone! My name is Gabrielle Bisset, and I write erotic romance, sometimes paranormal, sometimes historical, but always erotic. I also teach college students history at my day job.

What sparked you into writing the series Destined Ones?

I had a dream one night about the characters in the series, Aeveren. When I woke up, I knew I had an idea I wanted to pursue. I fleshed it out, and the major ideas—them living fifty lives through reincarnation and remembering each lifetime, having powers above and beyond what humans possess, and having destined ones they are drawn to across distance and time—became the basis for the Destined Ones series.

What are the Destined Ones?
Destined ones are fellow Aeveren a character is destined to be with from this moment forward, until the end of one’s existence on this Earth. For example, in the second book, Amon and Thea are destined for one another. Both are very far into their reincarnation cycle (Amon in his 47th lifetime and Thea in her 45th), so as long as both are them are still before the end of their existence and living in the same lifetime, they will meet again in the future as different people but still destined for one another. So while they met while they’re both in the thirties this lifetime, the next lifetime they’re in together they might meet when they’re just teenagers and be childhood sweethearts.

What makes your Destined Ones different from every other paranormal romance series out there?
I think what makes them different is the idea of reincarnation, along with the ability for some of my characters to have powers, such as telepathy, the ability to time travel, the ability to control others’ thoughts, and the romantic ideal of being destined for another soul meant just for them. The combination allows me to create some really strong characters who are quite memorable. I can place them in any time period in history and make them anyone I choose. It opens up a lot of terrific plotlines, and I have to admit, so many of them don’t make it into the final books because then the books would end up being 700 pages long! My editor has suggested I use some of the left out storylines for novellas on the characters. It’s something I’m considering.

Would you tell us about your favorite Destined One?
My favorite has to be Amon. I fell in love with him as soon as he appeared on the page. In Stolen Destiny, the first book, he was such a villain. I mean, he went back in time and stole another man’s destined one away because he wanted her for his own. He was such a bastard, but I’ve always loved the bad boy and Amon is no different. The interesting thing is that he was never meant to be in the story. I plot everything out very carefully before I even begin to write and he wasn’t there at all. But then I decided that although I had a bad guy in the story, I needed a romantic bad guy. Out of that, Amon was born.
I’ve heard from so many readers that even at his worst, they’re attracted to something in him. I know exactly what they mean. Amon is so bad, he’s seductive, and then in Destiny Redeemed, I gave him a chance at his happily ever after. He’s still not a good guy, keep in mind. Bad boys don’t change just because they find the right woman. They’re still bad; they’re just happier and more content.

How many books do you plain to write for this series?
I have two more novels planned, but as I mentioned earlier, perhaps some novellas might spring from the plotlines that I couldn’t fit into the books. The next novel is about Amon’s sons from his lifetime as a member of the landed gentry in the English countryside in the late 1700s. Because of Amon’s behavior in that lifetime, his son’s have been cursed to move through each lifetime together, never meeting their destined ones and forever being stuck with one another. Since one is very much like Amon, and the other is far kinder, it’s been a trial for both of them. In addition, the woman they believe is meant for both of them has a connection to them from that first lifetime that makes things a bit tricky. That book and the last novel are about 50% complete, but I’m not sure I’m going to keep what I have for the last one. I may go a different direction with that last book in the series. I haven’t decided yet, but there are four novels planned.

Are you going to self-publish the rest of the series?
Absolutely! I love having the control over the editing and marketing, in addition to the cover art and everything that comes along with producing a book. I told my editor the last time she asked the same question, the only way I ever leave indie publishing is if New York comes calling and can offer me something more than the fabulous freedom I have now.

Anything else you’d like to add about the series?
I think readers who want paranormal but with an interesting new spin on the idea will find what they’re looking for in the Destined Ones series. I love the idea that the past is never really truly gone (probably because I’m a history teacher) and that it affects what’s going on now in such a vibrant way that my characters have to accept their pasts and deal with their presents to create a future together.

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