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Review Catch and Hold-Legend by Claudy Conn

Title: Catch & Hold-Legend
Author: Claudy Conn
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Format: eBook, 250 pgs
Release Date: January 19, 2012
Catch & Hold-Legend Book Cover

Radzia MacDaun’s mission of vengeance has turned into a rescue operation… but will she need to be rescued, too?

When Gaiscioch killed her father, Radzia—Z to her friends—vowed to take the Seelie traitor down as painfully as possible. Plans for revenge were put on hold, however, when Gaiscioch abducted her housekeeper and friend, and Z had no choice but to dive into the pit to save her.

Now, in the heart-stopping conclusion to the Legend series, the half-human/half-Daoine Fae finds herself in the Dark Realm, where she’ll have to fight Gaiscioch on his own turf. Danté, Prince of the Tuatha Dé and Z’s lover, is not about to let her face this danger alone, however, and the two of them are thrust on a ride that takes them to the edge of life as we know it…

Will they survive? Will the Fae Realm survive? Damn, will any of us survive?
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My Review:

Outstanding conclusion to the Legend series (well there are spin off novellas and a trilogy still being written)! Sexy, action packed and fast paced. Couldn't put it down, read it in one sitting.

When the previous book (Free Falling Legend) ended, Z was falling down in the open portal hole to catch the remote for the bomb attached to her "mother hen" friend and housekeeper. This book opens with Z having reached the bottom which is in the Dark Realm with Gais closing in on her. Gais murdered her dad, the queen's love Connall and has been wrecking all kinds of havoc by opening portals and releasing the Dark Fae monsters into the world.

The four Dark Fae princes, who reek of lust and are so very beautiful, are with Gais. So impressively gorgeous, Z says upon meeting them again, "I am not only a Seelie Fae but a Daoine princess and as I said immune to the quality of their sexual vibes, and I still found myself licking my lips..." and she's in love with the super gorgeous hunk Prince Dante.

Dante is frantic to find and rescue Z. Little does he know, she doesn't need his help as she can use more of her powers. Their relationship is strengthened by their efforts to stop Gais.

Z just tickles me. She's so sarcastically hilarious.

Queen Aaibhe, Willow, Ete, Prince Breslyn, Shayne, Chance and his father from the previous books all get into the action to try and put an end to Gais and his plot to rule the human world.

I love this series and am sorry it is ending but will take every chance to read more in the spin off novellas and trilogy based on this series.

Includes extended previews of Shadowlife-Hybrid (Shadow vampire series), Prince of the Mist (Legend series novella) and Shadowheart-Slayer (Shadow vampire series).

Aaibhe-Shee Queen (Legend) is available free at, Smashwords, All Romance and Apple iTunes


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