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Review Darkest Embrace (The Lanistter Chronicles, #1) by Robyn M. Pierce

Title: Darkest Embrace (The Lanistter Chronicles, #1)
Author: Robyn M. Pierce
Source: Requested Review (Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel (304 pgs)

While running away to escape the actions of her deceased father, Elyssa Smith is caught in the worst storm that Lanistter Isle has ever seen, forcing her to seek shelter in the only place nearby -- Lanistter Castle. Soon, however, it's made clear that the inhabitants of the castle are the ones she's running away from in the first place.

Zeke Lanistter is the head of the European Lanistter branch -- and a sadist through and through. He has bloody plans for Elyssa, and will stop at nothing to get rid of her.

Reid Lanistter is known by many for his womanizing. But when Elyssa enters the castle, he does all he can to protect her from Zeke, unexpectedly morphing into a one-woman man.

In a sinister turn of events, Reid becomes the danger to Elyssa's life, and it’s Zeke who finds himself doing whatever he can to protect Elyssa..

A blood contract, a prophecy, and a possession; what can it mean? A darn enthralling story.

Elyssa's your typical clumsy, late teen living life in a small town UNTIL she finds out that her dad traded his life for hers.  When Elyssa finds out she's in danger of losing her freedom she tries to flee. Unfortunately, she runs straight to the worst possible place, the home of the vampire who now "owns" her.  There she meets an interesting cast of characters.  Zeke the crazy, blood loving eldest brother.  Dmitri, the pushover with a tainted past. Wyatt, the clueless scientist. And Reid the womanizing bad boy. Not to mention a few mysterious ladies that have also found their way to Lanistter Castle.  Along the way she makes friends with most of the residents of the castle and even finds love.  Unfortunately, things find a way of turning sour.  Feelings are hurt, an unexpected love rears it's head, and a hard decision must be made.

I really enjoyed this story and it's larger than life characters.  It's written in the first person, each chapter jumps from the perspective of Elyssa, Zeke, and Reid.  I thought it was a great way to get more out of the story. There have been many times, reading a book, I've wondered what the heck was going in a characters mind when he/she does something ridiculous. In this book you actually get to find out.  The end is definitely open-ended but only leaves you wanting more!

As much as I loved the story the 3.5 stars is because there are some editorial problems that bugged me.  At times the story seemed a little muddled and there are a few
inconsistencies with minor details that were somehow overlooked.  I absolutely believe if the author can find a good editor to help smooth some of the rough edges this series will be very successful.

Disclaimer:  There are some short scenes of torture

Chapter 1 is available for viewing here


  1. I LOVE this book cover - it caught my eye, which is why I clicked to see the review :)

  2. Thank you for reviewing my novel! I will definitely go over DE again with a fine-toothed comb and republish it after it's been edited more. Thank you for the positive thoughts on my story and for pointing out the editorial problems! :]

  3. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it :) I am looking forward to finding out what happens next. Make sure to message me when you release part 2 :)


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