Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review Footprints in Time by Kate Welsh

Title: Footprints in Time
Author: Kate Welsh
Source: Author request
Genre: Romance, Time-travel
Length: Novel

 Historian Sharon Henderson is transported across time to the middle of a prisoner of war camp in 1864 Maryland. There she meets Ridge Grayson whose home she inherited and whose portrait and journals have always fascinated her.

Wounded in battle, Captain Grayson faces death with one great regret. Though he’s searched he’s never found the woman of his dreams – until a Sharon visits the injured at Hammond Hospital.

Across time and space they instantly recognize each other as soul mates. Can she save his life and make a future for them by changing history? And should she?

Just in time for Valentine's Day comes this very romantic read. 

While reading Kitteridge Grayson's journals Sharon Henderson fell in love.   Unfortunately, he had been dead for over 100 years.  When Sharon visits the historical site where Kit was imprisoned a storm, a pocket watch, and a pretty awesome light show transport her to 1864 to the heart of the active prison camp.
With some help from a new friend she works out a cover story and soon finds herself helping out at the hospital treating wounded soldiers.  There she sees Kit for the first time.  The meeting sparks recognition in both of their hearts and the pieces seem to fall together.  They are soul mates and they've been brought together.  But how much time do they have?  According to history Kit is supposed to die and Sharon has to get home, to her time, to be with her young daughter. 

I really enjoyed this story.  The struggles that Sharon and Kit go through make their love so much greater.  I get slightly annoyed in books when everything falls into place too easily for the hero and heroine and boy did these two have it cut out for them.  There was a wonderful 'Happily Ever After' but there was a ton of heart break and conflict before they made it there.  I'm happy to say that Footprints in Time made me laugh, cry and gave my chest that little squeeze when I really enjoy two characters coming together :)

Favorite quote,
"She'd always heard people feared the future because it was unknown."
       I'm here to tell the world, knowing is worse.  A lot worse.

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