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Review of Assume The Position by T.C. Lee

Title: Assume The Position
Author: T.C. Lee
Source: Bought eBook
Genre: Erotic Romance - Light BDSM
Release Date: December 15th 2011
Author's Website

Regan Taylor is already heading toward a date she’d rather not entertain. She thinks her night can’t get any worse, until blue lights illuminate the night behind her, and the strong, commanding voice at her window strikes a nerve she didn’t know was there.

Officer Alex Shaw is amused when the innocent brown-eyed woman staring up at him starts to argue at his accusations; she awakens a part of him that he has kept locked away. Despite his haunting past, pieces of his dominate side peek out, and he lets her go with a warning not to speed through his zone again.

When sparks fly between them, Regan sets out on a mission of self-discovery, but soon finds out the intense desire Alex brings out in her, leaves him cold. Can Alex overcome his past and act on his dark desires with her, or is it too late?


Rating -


Sexual -


My Review -

T.C. Lee aka Tina Carreiro ramps up the intensity in her entry in erotica by giving us a hot, quick read that will have every woman wondering the next time she is stopped by a cop. LOL

Regan doesn't have much of a life except for her one friend Katy who sets her up for a date. Running late Regan ends ups speeding and running into the path of officer Alex Shaw. Now Alex thinks this is going to be a routine stop but soon finds himself drawn to the sexy and shy Regan which awakens his dominant side.

Reagan can't help feel the instant attraction that she has never felt for another man. His gorgeous looks, dominant voice and presence somehow affects her and she doesn't know how or why. I loved how she purposely gets pulled over an second time and the very hot engagement they have in the alley.

It was interesting to hear Alex's fears and concerns about letting himself go with a woman and never being completely fulfilled (or inside a woman). Alex's problem is he has a huge package (and when I mean huge the author provided a very enticing visual to describe just how big he is) and gets really turned on restraining a woman and doing it hard, very hard.

After some misunderstanding these two get together and the visual imagery is smoking hot and will make you wonder what in the world was wrong with all the other women Alex had in the past. It is amazing that Alex would think he would be every woman's nightmare not fantasy.

There is a little police drama surrounding a case that revolves around Alex and Regan, but lets be honest ladies after reading the blurb do we really care about that or about Alex's unique appendage, ummmm, I mean predicament. :)


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