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Review of The Bond That Ties Us (Eternal Bond #1) by Christine d'Abo

Title: The Bond That Ties Us (Eternal Bond #1)
Author: Christine d'Abo
Source: Own Copy
Genre: Sci-Fi Erotica
Format: ebook - 173 pages
Release Date: July 20th 1997
Author's Website

Haylie knows her life is about to change the moment she sets foot on the Eurus colony. What she didn't count on was her instant, overwhelming sexual desire for the seven-foot-tall, sexy as hell alien ambassador. He's in her every thought and dream, teasing and taunting her body into a sexual frenzy.

Kamran has waited his whole life to find his bonded mate. When she arrives in the form of a slender human with brilliant eyes, he can't stop his all-consuming need to possess her. If their bond is discovered, they will be forced by Briel law to leave the colony, giving up the lives they've worked so hard to build.

While Haylie and Kamran fight their growing desire, their colony is threatened by an unseen enemy. When the colony comes under attack by a brutal alien force, can Haylie and Kamran keep their bond a secret and stop the invasion in time to save everyone?


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Sexual -


My Review -

WOW! This book really surprised me on so many different levels. First of all I'm not into sci-fi romance stories but this one convinced me that I am missing out on some very good books out there.

This book not only had an incredibly HOT romance going on but a mystery plotline that keep me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what was going to happen next and who was involved in the murders and sabotage on the colony.

Where to begin with this review. The book starts off with Haylie arriving at the colony and immediately she starts feeling hot and bothered and is ready to have an orgasm just by being near the Briel ambassador Kamran. Now I love how the author describes this hunky alien describing him as a 7 foot Greek God hung like a stallion (LOL I'm not exaggerating she describes exactly how large he is. LOL yes I know I'm a perv). :)

Before they know it they are drawn to each other like moths to a flame due to the biological ways Briels find their mate and engage in some very intense lovemaking that has them trying to catch their breath. As time passes they find they can't keep their hands off each other and out of each others' mind literally. Due to their bond they can feel what the other is feeling and are able to communicate with each other telepathically. However, that bond has somehow allowed for an evil force to invade their dreams as well that are real and able to inflict deadly results.

There were several surprises in the book that gripped me and made me feel the pain and anguish that Haylie and Kamram were going through at times that made the book more appealing. Not only is it able to get you all hot and bothered, but allows you to develop an emotional connection to the characters and their plight.

I highly recommend this book to anyone you wants a hot, erotic romance that actually has a romance as well as an intriguing mystery to keep the reader on their toes. This is the first book in the Eternal Bond series and now I am hooked and plan to read the rest of the books in this series.

P.S. I LOVE the book cover SO HOT! Makes me want to know who is the guy? :)



  1. I devoured all of the books in this series in a couple of days. LOL. If you liked the first one you REALLY need to check out the second. "The Bond That Heals Us" It was my fave in :) A short novella was also released recently, it wasn't as good as the full length novels, but still worth the read :)

  2. Thanks CaroleDee!

    I definitely plan on reading the series! The way the author writes is love it! LOL my TBR pile keeps getting bigger and bigger just need more time to read them all! LOL


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