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Review of A Devil Named Desire (The Devil's Bargain #2) by Terri Garey

Title: A Devil Named Desire (The Devil's Bargain #2)
Author: Terri Garey
Source: Bought Book
Genre: Paranormal Romance - Devil, Angels, Demons
Format: 368 pages
Release Date: January 31st 2012
Author's Website

In the second spin-off of the RITA Award-winning Nicki Styx series, Terri Garey takes another look at the dark side of history's original and most diabolical bad boy--Sammy (Satan) Divine--as he sets out to prove to his old friend, the archangel Gabriel, that when forbidden fruit comes in the form of a woman, it can be very hard to resist.


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Sammy aka the Devil is frustrated with being cast out from heaven and most of all with Gabriel trying to prove to him that temptation can be resisted. Sammy decides to put Gabriel to test and see if he can resist the allure of a human female and the need to touch her the way an archangel is not allowed to do. Sammy decides to put a girl in Gabriel's path and at the same time getting something that he wants in return.

Hope tries to commit suicide and wants to succumb to the darkness. When Sammy hears her call he comes and provides her with an offer: transcribe the Key of Solomon onto the internet to open the gates of hell. In return Sammy will help her find her sister who has been missing for 2 years and Hope thinks is dead. Hope always carried a tremendous weight on her shoulder, the guilt of her parents death and not taking better care of her younger sister.

Gabriel notices a dark shadow following a girl as he sits outside at a cafe and tries to protect her. As he follows her to her apartment she thinks he is a stalker and Gabriel has to defend himself and try to convince her he is there to protect her. Hope thinks that Gabriel has been sent by Sammy to ensure that she transcribes the Key of Solomon.

After convincing her he is not there to hurt her Hope opens up to him to allow him to help her. Gabriel feels a spark for Hope that he has never felt before for any human woman in his existence, but is he willing to allow his temptation get a hold of him? What happens next surprised me as I did not expect for the situation to happen, but to lead to lots of action and dramatic events.

Ultimately the story is about forgiveness, sacrifice and love. Each character in the story struggles with these themes including Sammy. I love the interaction between Hope and Gabriel but I also LOVED Sammy's side story with his son, Cain which tied everything together. The ending with Sammy and Cain was a pivotal point to the direction where future books in the series may lead. I loved the ending which was both surprising and left lots of possibilities for all the characters.

I have to say it again I LOVE SAMMY! I love seeing the vulnerable side of him (made me want to reach out and hold him in my arms and show him some loving). Such a SEXY BEAST! :)



  1. Sammy is a SEXY BEAST! I am only half way through so I didn't read the whole review cause I don't want to know......:)

  2. LOL Hi Felicia

    You will LOVE what happens towards the end is all I'm going to say and you will be wishing WHEN IS THE NEXT BOOK COMING OUT! :)


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