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Review of Spartan Heart (Spartan Heart #1) by Kristine Cheney

Title: Spartan Heart (Spartan Heart #1)
Author: Kristine Cheney
Source: won book
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: ebook
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Sent away to college in America, Evangeline swore she would never return to England. Anger loses its value when tragedy forces her home to assume ownership of the family's beloved Greco-Roman museum.

Placing a foolish, drunken kiss on a Greek statue in the museum's basement, Evangeline unknowingly frees a Spartan prince from an evil oracle's curse. Suddenly, her lonely life is invaded by the rakish man with knowing emerald green eyes who never eats or sleeps, and seems to know her every thought and feeling.

Falling in love is dangerous, especially when it's with a man who has already been claimed by the bitter oracle, Demona. From the moment of her kiss, Evangeline is swept into Dorien's world of mystery, danger, and passion. The oracle's fury only mounts as they unravel Demona's darkest secrets, but not before Demona finds out about their unborn half-breed immortal twins.

Demona uses her knowledge of the future to manipulate and destroy, but sometimes love has a will, and a heart, of its own


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Sexual -


My Review -

The story begins with Evangeline left on her own to run a museum following the death of her parents and the incredible loneliness in her life. Even though the story starts off on a sad note it soon picks up.

Evangeline discovers a Greek statue one night when she comes back drunk after going out with her friend who has been trying to cheer her up. As she kisses the statue and wishes it was real, Dorien is somehow brought out of the frozen state he has endured for centuries after being cursed by the Oracle.

What happens next is one passion filled night and the next morning Evangeline wakes up with Dorien gone and with her coming to terms that she had a one-night stand. She can't remember where she met him and how they ended up in bed together but what she does remember is that he rocked her world.

The passion and devotion that Dorien felt for Evangeline was beautiful, but I found it strange that through out the book he would come and go and Evangeline would never question it. The next time she sees him, he is in her home and she doesn't seem concerned how he got in there. I just felt something was off because apparently she didn't remember anything about their meeting and in the weeks that go by she never ask questions about him such as what do you do for a living, where do you live, nothing. Just finding him sneaking into her home in the evenings to have some wild sex (now I wouldn't complain about that, but still it seems strange and off).

As the story progresses a past nemesis pops up set on destroying their relationship before it has a chance to really blossoming. The story ends on a cliffhanger that will have significant ramifications on Dorien and Evangeline's relationship.

Overall it was a fun, short read and Dorien was definitely a Greek god I would love to get my hands on, but it felt that there were a few pieces missing in the development in the relationship. I'm looking forward to reading the second book as I want to know what is going to happen next and to see more depth in the character developments.



  1. Great review! I love romances associated with the Greeks. and the cover really caught my eye. Not sure how I feel about it ending on a cliffhanger.

    Here's my teaser!


  2. Oops. Sorry, was doing teaser tuesday commenting therefore the link!


  3. @Ning I know what you mean about cliffhangers. I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! LOL So I do intend to read book 2. Just need to somehow get through my ever expanding TBR pile. :)


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