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Review of Timeless Heart by Karyn Gerrard

Title: Timeless Heart
Author: Karyn Gerrard
Source: Bought copy
Genre: Erotica/Time Travel/Romance
Release Date: May 2011
Author's Website

Sandra Cranston, an elementary teacher on leave, discovers an abandoned carriage deep in the woods. Inside is a man, Jerrod Ross, who fuels all of her wicked Regency dreams and fantasies.

Ross has been torn from the only world he has ever known—1821 Cornwall, England. How will he adjust to the future and his growing desire for the lovely lady who found him? More importantly, how will he ever return to his time?


Rating -


Sexual -


My Review -

This was a quick read and I enjoyed every moment of it. What probably made this book so interesting is I really didn't know what was going to happen at the end. I didn't know whether Jerrod was going to stay or go or if Sandra was going to follow him or not. I enjoyed that because it made the moments that they shared more intense. LOL when I mean intense I mean sexual marathons (Hmmm I wonder how many men really could go on and on like Jerrod did LOL).

Jerrod is transported from 1821 to 2011 when his carriage is struck by lightening and is found in the woods by Sandra out having a picnic and trying to relax and forget about her dark thoughts.

When she see him she can't believe her eyes. Not only is he dressed in some period costume, but is drop dead gorgeous and she can't help herself from appreciating how well-endowed he seems to be (LOL at least she is honest about where her eyes tended to linger).

She takes Jerrod back to her home where he finds her world strange and fascinating at the same time, but he knows in his heart he has to return to his time. The problem is they both feel a strong attraction to each other that they have never felt for anyone before. They end up finding themselves engaged in endless sexy times that are mind-blowing for both of them. LOL Jerrod seems to have a very high libido because the moment they were done he is ready to go again.

However, Jerrod knows that staying in 2011 he is a nobody, stuck to rely on Sandra for everything that goes completely against his upbringing and his status.

What sounds like from the pages of "Back to the Future" (this was actually mentioned in the book) they believe that if it was lightening that brought him here then lightening is probably the way to get back, but at what cost. Either way both will lose what each of them discovered, a love that they never had and will never have again.

Pick up a copy of this book you will definitely enjoy it and you will love the way Jerrod talks.



  1. Oh, this sounds like a great little story and the cover is smoking. I do love me a well hung blonde. Nice review, it sold me.

  2. Hi Blue Shedevil,

    I think you will enjoy it. It really have everything to pull at your heartstrings and libido. :)


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