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Review of VAMPIRES IN AMERICA, The Vignettes - Volume 1 by D. B. Reynolds

VAMPIRES IN AMERICA, The Vignettes – Volume 1

D. B. Reynolds
Published February 15, 2012
ISBN-10:  1469978210
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Ebook, 122 pages
Author supplied ebook for review

From award-winning author D. B. Reynolds come nine stories of seduction and intrigue set in her Vampires in America universe. Note: This is a 122 page compilation of SHORT STORIES, not a full-length novel.

For the first time in print … The Vampire Vignettes From New Year’s Eve on the beaches of Malibu, to love in a penthouse over Manhattan, and a challenge fought on a snowy night in Montreal, Reynolds takes us behind the scenes with seven steamy Vignettes featuring her ultimate alpha Vampire Lords and their beautiful and independent mates.

And Never Before Published – Two brand new, full-length short stories. You Belong To Me follows Duncan and his mate Emma as they consolidate power in his new territory, while generating plenty of heat in private. And then it’s time for The Wedding, as readers join Rajmund and Sarah for their big weekend ... and Cyn’s girls-night-out bachelorette party. Unfortunately, some local kidnappers have other plans, and Cyn and Sarah will have to outwit their abductors before Raphael and Raj start hunting, and the entire wedding is ruined!

My Ratings



A collection of nine stories revolving in and around the Vampires in America series by D. B. Reynolds.  Yes, they are short stories.  Yes, you will find them more enjoyable if you have read the series.  Yes, the ebook cost is 99¢.  But come on, this ninety-nine cents is a pittance for something that will bring you incalculable gratification.  Did I mention you should keep your significant other close at hand?

Three Vignettes provide a more intimate picture of Cyn and Raphael on Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.  Vignette #4, THE PARTY, details a bit more of Cyn’s family, but what I found to be more exhilarating is just how ALPHA Raphael can be!

The stories with Sophia and Colin and with Duncan and Emma are not to be missed either.  Sophia deals swiftly with a challenge.  While a wilder side of Emma starts to appear.

What I liked the most were the two stories featuring Sarah and Rajmund about his proposal and their wedding.  THE WEDDING is the last story of the ebook and one of the best.  The three mighty Vamp Lords come together, with entourage in tow, for the wedding when two of the ladies get kidnapped.  What follows is priceless Cyn!

“We absolutely have to get out of here first. Raj will have a fit if he wakes up and I’ve been kidnapped again.”

“Tell me about it,” Cyn agreed gloomily. “Hell, if Raj is anything like Raphael, neither one of us will see the sunlight for years. Decades maybe.”

Sarah nodded vigorously. “Plus, it would totally ruin my wedding.”

“And that is the number one reason why it’s not gonna happen. You don’t fuck with a woman’s wedding day. So, let’s get this show on the road.”

It was a pleasure revisiting with the posse from the Vampires In America series and the hottest uber-alpha Vampires in town!

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