Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review Warriors' Woman by Evanne Lorraine

Title: Warriors' Woman
Author: Evanne Lorraine
Source: Author Request
Genre: Sci/Fi Erotic Romance
Length: ebook 92 pgs

After a pandemic decimated the world’s population, life became a deadly game of survival, and Minka, a wary contestant. An ordinary woman caught in an extraordinary situation, she battles weather, feral gangs and dangerous armored men. While she appreciates the help of three sinfully sexy mech warriors, she’s not buying into their time-travel delusion.

Letting Minka continue her journey without their protection is unacceptable to the triad. But once in the safety of a remote cabin, their plan to simply win her cooperation backfires when the warriors fall into bed with her…and into love. Stranded in a hazardous past with Minka, they turn their powers to winning her heart with irresistible erotic pleasure.

Their safe haven doesn’t last long and the triad is forced to move Minka to their intended location. Although each man has special talents vital to her rescue, in the end their success depends on her willingness to accept the men as her own.

*Book one in the Seduction Mission series*

Yum. What a hot and provocative read.
In case you weren't aware I am a lover of all things sci/fi and futuristic.  Mix that with my love for romance and this story pretty much took the cake for me :)  

Minka's on a dangerous journey through the snowy mountains of Wyoming on her way to California.  Rumors of a safe-haven for refugees of the pandemic that's wiped out a lot of civilization push her despite the harsh conditions.  With the company of her cat she hunkers down for a night of rest only be awoken up by three baddies trying to kidnap her.  What's a gal to do? Fight back, of course.  Minka is no withering flower, she's got some definite skills with her gun but three cyborgs with armor prove to be too much.  Just when she starts to lose hope a miracle appears in the form of three gorgeous men.
Batzorg, Vilmost, and Lorcan are on a mission from the future.  Protect Minka, one of the founders of their new civilization.  Protecting her is part of their orders. But falling in love? Not so much.
I adored the characters in this story.  Minka is strong and compassionate and the guys are all Alphas but capable of deep emotions.  I would loved to have learned more about the battle raging in the future between the Founders and Restorers (the baddies) but since this is the first in a series I will hold on to the hope that future additions will reveal more.  I look forward to checking out more of Evanne Lorraine's titles :)

*M/F/M/M sexual practices*


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