Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guest romance author Olivia Starke

Please welcome romance author Olivia Starke

Let’s Take a Trip to The Edge

I am super excited to be part of Decadent Publishing’s new erotica line The Edge. Her Moonlight Lover is my first f/f release, and also my first release for the series. For those of you on my blog hop, thanks for dropping by! If you’re new, check out my own blog RomancingThePenToday (link will be at the end) to see where I’ve been and how you can enter to win goodies.
The Edge is taking sensuality in romantic fiction to the limits. Decadent’s authors and editors are dedicated to bringing readers the best in romance, and it’s wonderful to be part of such a group of professionals.
With m/m dominating sales in erotica and erotic romance, I decided to write f/f partly because I enjoy f/f, and partly I feel lesbian romance needs more recognition. I’m a multi-published author of m/f romance. But if I can add my voice and my excitement for the genre, I feel I can help bring lesbian and bisexual writing before more readers.

Her Moonlight Lover

Blurb: Stranded in the middle of Iowa, Bailey has to rely on the hospitality of a hot redhead with a body to die for. After skinny dipping leads to an incredible night of Sapphic loving, Bailey is smitten by the eager and willing Melanie.
When morning comes, Bailey may find there’s more to Melanie than meets the eye.
Excerpt: I love a woman with stamina.

Bailey cleared her throat. “So, Melanie, you have a husband somewhere?”

She flashed that gorgeous smile. “Nope.”


She shook her head. “Nope.”


Melanie stood in waist deep water. Rivulets poured down her shoulders.

“I-I’ve never been with a woman, actually.” She swept her hands in wide arcs over the surface and small waves lapped at Bailey’s chin where she tread water further from shore. Bailey kicked toward her, then stood and the other woman sucked in a breath, eyes widening. She took a step forward watching closely for any sign that her redhead might shy away.

“Melanie, let me make love to you.”

She peered up through her lashes. “I wouldn’t know how. I mean I know how with a man, but….”

Bailey smiled, reaching a hand to the other woman’s upper arm, letting her fingertips trail to her shoulder then down to the delicate gold chain she wore around her neck. A tiny infinity pendant dangled from it.

Their breaths quickened.

Author Bio: Olivia Starke calls a little town in southern Missouri home. Some of the most beautiful country in the U.S., she loves the Ozarks and hikes, runs, kayaks, or rides horses whenever possible. When not working at her laptop or in her retail management job, she’s playing mom to an ever expanding collection of dogs, cats, and horses who find their way to her little farm.


  1. This is the third time I've read that excerpt and it so does NOT get boring. In fact, it gets better every time. I cannot wait to read this book! But I'm waiting (and hoping) to see if I win it in the hop.

  2. Thanks Tawnya! I'm happy to see you again;;)

    Here's the buy link for anyone who can't wait to get their hands on HML.

  3. Congratulations on the book! It sounds very good.


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