Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review Contingency Plan: The Neighborhood 1 by Anita Ensal

Title: Contingency Plan: The Neighborhood 1
Author: Anita Ensal
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Genre Fractured Fairy Tale
Format: 8590 words
Release date: December 22, 2011

A desperate mother is offered an unusual opportunity by an even more unusual person -- but should she take the offer or go with her contingency plan?

Sharon’s running out of time and money. She’s got a plan for how to save herself and her two children after their deadbeat dad and the rest of their family have deserted them. But what will her contingency plan do to her soul and the souls of her children?

Mr. Mann carries burdens most couldn’t—the visible, odd arrangement of connected boxes on his back, and the hidden guilt for deeds done long, long ago. The end may be in sight, but not a happy one if Sharon chooses the wrong path.

Someone’s contingency plan will be put into effect, but whether it leads to a happily ever after or dark despair will require intricate maneuverings by the white witches of the Neighborhood. But even they can’t stop a good woman from going wrong.


My review-

This was a very cute little short story, and pretty touching. I admit to getting just a little bit misty eyed during a portion of it. The unique play on the fairy tale involved was quite interesting.

Unlike many short stories, this particular story did manage to wrap everything up nicely in a short span of time. A very unique gift that an author can pull off. As I was told once, it's not easy to write a short story and stay within a certain number of words while providing everything needed for a good story.

I'd be interested in seeing how this same idea would flourish into a full length novel or even into a novella, but it's a nice story even as is. If this is meant as a sampler for a longer set of stories in the series, it was a very good sampler.

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  1. I read this one too and thought it was wonderful :) As depressing as the beginning was (how much of a a-hole was her ex? LOL) it turned into such a great story. I'm curious to see if she's going to put a twist on different fairy tales in each installment.


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