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Review of BEHIND THE COURTESAN'S MASK by Marguerite Kaye

Marguerite Kaye
Harlequin Undone (Short, sexy ebooks)
Date:  March 2012
ISBN:  978-1459224049
Erotic Historical Romance
Short story
Author requested review

London, 1818

Troy Templeton, the Earl of Ettrick, has been tasked with the strangest job of his diplomatic career: visit London’s most notorious courtesan, La Perla, to warn off the ambassador’s besotted son. Instead, he’s irresistibly drawn to her beguiling combination of sensuality and unexpected innocence.

Little does he realize that “La Perla” is actually her twin sister, Constance. Staying in her sister’s home, Constance is aroused by its erotic ambience and dreams about the sinful delights that have taken place within its walls. And as La Perla, she can finally experience such pleasure for herself with Troy—if she can maintain the ruse….

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When Laurie asked me if I wanted to read BEHIND THE COURTESAN’S MASK, there wasn’t any hesitation from me – for several reasons.  I’ve been seeing Ms. Kaye’s name bandied about online and I haven’t had the opportunity to sample her work.  Historical romance is rapidly becoming my most favorite sub-genre and lastly, Harlequin romances are my crack.  ARGH!!!

Constance has arrived in London to settle her sister’s affairs.  A twin sister she met only six months ago and now, gone after such a short time.  When an unexpected visitor arrives on her doorstep, Miss Prim-and-Proper Constance throws caution to the wind and lets the stranger keep assuming that she is her sister, the infamous Courtesan, La Perla.

The “dance” these two engage in while negotiating for one night of her services will leave you quivering.

The writing is enticingly erotic and hypnotizing.  And this is before the H/h get hot and nasty!

Dipping her fingers into scented oils, slipping her wrist through what looked like a swansdown manacle, Constance tried to conjure up the dark and pleasurable world that her sister had inhabited.  What would it be like?  How would it feel to be her?  To sin with a virile man, a potent man, a desirable man?  A man who found no shame in indulging his desire?  She closed her eyes, caressed her cheek with the feathers of the manacle and shivered.  Here in this temple of the flesh, which was Annalisa’s domain, it was almost possible to imagine the exquisite pleasure that might result.  Arousal rippled through her.

If you have shied away from reading Harlequin romances (you know who you are - - I’m not reading those! - - wouldn’t be caught dead reading that! - - old lady books - - blah blah blah). . . .BEHIND THE COURTESAN’S MASK is a good place to start.  This short story had me hooked in seconds flat.  The emotional intensity that develops between Constance and Troy is impressive and highly flammable!  Ms. Kaye has captured the emotional hungering in BEHIND THE COURTESAN’S MASK that I feel makes an excellent historical romance.  And in turn, she can add another fanatic to her following.


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  2. What a great review! I think it's time for Harlequin Romances to reclaim it's throne when it comes to publishing great romance books.

    Thanks for the great review! Thinking I should definitely get this book. (^_^)

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  3. Thank you Lady Krishna Asi. Harlequin does have some hidden jewels that more readers need to discover.


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