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Helen Hardt, Sam Cheever, Xakara, Sloane Taylor
Musa Publishing
January 2012
ISBN:  9781691372115
Genre:  Paranormal and Contemporary
Anthology of Four Short Stories
Book provided by Publisher for review

Sometimes words on paper are magical, especially when lovers meet again and again.

Love is never a lost cause, and sometimes all it takes is a few special words written down to make all the difference in the world. Wayward cupids, lonely vampires, long-lost loves, and mysterious strangers come together in this collection sure to warm to your heart and steam up your screen.

Read our Love Notes--four Valentine's stories from four outstanding romance authors Sam Cheever, Helen Hardt, Sloane Taylor and Xakara and then maybe write a few letters of your own!

Review/Ratings System

An anthology of four stories loosely based on a Valentine theme.


 Rating:  4 – A Pack Howl
Sexual 2 – Steamy
 Rori overhears the “office jerk” make a bet with his posse that he can make her cry when she reads a note that he has written.  This is a delightful and sexy story of competition not only in the office, but between a cupid and a demon.  Those of us “young” enough to remember the good ole’ days of the drive-ins will chuckle when reading. . .

REUNITED by Helen Hardt

Rating:  3 – One Good Howl
Sexual:  1 – Flirty
 Brett and Kathryn were the polar opposites in high school but he needed a tutor and well, she was the one appointed.  Circumstances forced them apart.  Years later, they are united, divorced, single parents and find their way back to one another.  I like the way Ms. Hardt uses flashback in the story to show the history between Brett and Kathryn in high school.  A heartwarming story of getting a second chance at love. 


 DNF – I really did try with this one.  Tessa is an author who uses Eaton (vampire) and Brahm (shifter) to block her scenes in the erotic novels she writes.  There is also a ghost named Agnes involved somehow.  I stuck with all of the non-sex – ménage blocking until Brahm has an out-of-body experience as Agnes.  Not for me.

MASQUERADE by Sloane Taylor

Rating: 4 – A Pack Howl
Sexual:  2 – Steamy
 Clancy is on the vacation of her dreams in Venice when a handsome stranger sweeps her off of her feet and makes all of her wishes for the perfect vacation come true.  An enchanting tale that takes you on a mini-tour of Venice via the romance of Clancy and her dashing Vittore.


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