Monday, March 12, 2012

Review of She Walks the Shore

Title: She Walks the Shore
Author: Lisa Greer
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Ebook-47 pages
Release Date: January 13,2012

All author Marisol Huff wants is peace and quiet in the wilds of Canada, but a ghostly woman threatens her peace. Her free spirited neighbor, Sylvan Hill, and a handsome Mountie, Tom Fraser offer their help, but will it cost Marisol her life?

Seattle romance writer Marisol Huff's life changes radically when her long lost and dying grandfather Luke shows up at her door. Soon, she is Canada bound, heading to a cabin in the wilds of 100 Mile House. She welcomes the chance to get away from her abusive, stalker boyfriend Paul and make a new start.

But there are secrets in 100 Mile House. Marisol's handsome neighbor, Sylvan Hill, is rumored to be the leaders of a dangerous cult. Handsome Mountie Tom Fraser attracts her but has troubles of his own. When she sees a ghostly woman walking the shore of the lake behind the cabin, Marisol senses that someone will kill to keep the tortured spirit's story hidden.



The story opens on Mari otherwise known as Marisol, meeting her grandfather for the first time. Due to an estrangement in the family before she was born she never got to know her grandfather. Marisol decides to go visit him and get away from her stalker ex-boyfriend. Soon after arriving she starts seeing a ghostly figure of a woman. It freaks her out so bad she confides in a few of the local gentlemen. Tom Fraser, the hunky Mountie helps her settle in as much as he can. Neighbor Sylvan Hill, makes a memorable first impression by inviting her to an unconditional party. 

I enjoyed this novella from the get go. The characters are developed and interesting. The plot takes off from the first paragraph and doesn't slow down til the last. I highly recommend this story to anyone wanting a good novella to lose themselves in for a few hours. 

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