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Authors After Dark spotlight with author Judi Fennell

Please welcome Author Judi Fennell

1.       Would you tell everyone a little about yourself?
I feel way too young to be my numerical age or have kids my kids ages, or to have been married as long as I have. I love animals, chocolate, champagne, snow and hate to sweat. The national anthem makes me misty-eyed, as does anything having to do with the people who have served our country. I am eternally grateful to them. I’m pretty straightforward; what you see is what you get. Deal with it. J

2.       What sub-genre do you write?
Right now, paranormal. But that’s subject to change according to the voices in my head.

3.       Who/what is your writing muse?
No muse. I’d love to have one, preferably a little fairy that will sit on the edge of my desk and wave her magic wand and sprinkle the words onto my computer, but that’ll one ever happen in one of my stories.

4.       And in what environment or conditions do you write?
I need white noise and a clean desk. Yes, I know the sign of a sick mind is a clean desk… Guilty as charged, I guess. But I can’t have distractions and a messy desk or a To-Do list gnaw on my conscience. Typically, I clear off the desk, put on some classical music, a headset, and the “The Queen Must Not Be Disturbed” sign on my office door.

5.       What are you working on at this time?
Funny you should ask that. J I recently self-published the first release in my Once-Upon-A-Time Romance series, Beauty and The Best. It and If The Shoe Fits (the next release) are the inspiration for my tagline “fairy tales with a twist.” It was because of these stories (and the third, Fairest of Them All), that I wrote In Over Her Head, my debut novel that was a twist on The Little Mermaid.  So Beauty is now available for readers and I’m so enjoying their reactions to the story they’ve been waiting so long to read.

Fun Questions of what you prefer:

1.Dog or Cat?
Tough one. I love (and have) both. (See my answer to #1 above.)
2.Comfy or Formal?
Again, tough to pick. Comfy for writing, but it’s fun to get dressed up.
3.Denim or Leather?
Denim. Leather makes me sweat. (See my answer to #1 above.)
4.Wine or Beer?
Depends on my mood. Some days are just “beer” days and some days are “whine” I mean, wine, days.
5.Mountaintop or Oceanside?
You’re killing me with these questions! I love the mountains (particularly if there is snow—again, see my answer to #1 above), but I also love the beach. I love the change in seasons, and Philly, PA where I’m 1 1/2 hours from both the shore and the mountains is a great place to be.
6.Boxers, briefs or commando for your hero?
Is there really a question? Commando, of course.


Shoe on, Jolie took a quick breath and found herself going all 1950’s glamour goddess before opening the door, brushing the hair from her forehead and running her hands down the dress. If she’d had a mirror by the door she would’ve glanced into it and puckered her lips, brushing at the corner with her pinky finger in case any lipstick was smudged. But, no mirror, so Todd would have to take her with smudged lipstick or not.
Oh, take me, take me.
And it was with that thought that she opened the door.
Naughty Girl was on the mark with that assessment. The man was looking good. Really good. Sinfully good. The kind of good that could get a good girl into trouble.
And she was so trying to be a good girl.
“Hi,” Jolie said, trying to keep the husky glamour goddess from emanating from her throat à la Anne Bancroft in “The Graduate.” Or Mae West with her “Come up and see me sometime.”
Would it be too clichéd to lean back against the door frame? Probably. Not to mention pathetic. He thought she was, quote, “cute, I guess.” Not the most inviting reason to do a come-hither.
Plus there was the job she had going with him. And that was all she had going with him and as soon as Naughty Girl listened up and paid attention, they’d all have a much better evening.
Well, no, that wasn’t true. They’d probably have the best time if she took Nasty’s advice, but that couldn’t happen.
“You ready?” he asked.
“What? You can’t tell? Well, gosh, I didn’t think the fifteen minutes I was missing in my normal routine would show that drastically. See what happens when you get caught up in a good story? Pages fly by and the time even quicker. Before you know it, you’re missing dinner—and obviously necessary primping time—because you’ve got to find out if Lady Hammonton sashays across the crowded ballroom right into the oh-so-dashing Jeremy Godfield’s arms and—”
Okay, let the floor open up and swallow her whole right now.
“Um… right. Sure. I’m ready. Just let me grab, um… my bag.” Luckily, she’d had the forethought to hang her bag on the closet door so she wouldn’t have to do the throw-the-clothes-all-over-the-bed/sofa thing in front of him.
Bag in hand, she stepped through the door, pulling it shut behind her. “All ready,” she told him.
“You look very nice,” was what he told her in return, the upward curve of his lips drawing her attention to the sparkle in his green eyes and those crinkles at the corners.
And there went her knees to mush.
It only took four words. Four words! How did he do that? She’d have to remember that one and throw it in her book somewhere. Turn heroine’s knees to mush in four simple words, by Todd Best.
© 2012 Judi Fennell

Beauty and The Best is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords and is currently on sale for $2.99. But hurry; this price won’t last much longer.

PRISM Award and Golden Leaf Award-winning author, Judi Fennell, has had her nose in a book and her head in some celestial realm all her life, including those early years when her mom would exhort her to “get outside!” instead of watching Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie on television. So she did—right into Dad’s hammock with her Nancy Drew books.
These days she’s more likely to have her nose in her laptop and her head (and the rest of her body) at her favorite writing spot, but she’s still reading, whether it be her latest manuscript or friends’ books.
Author of “fairy tales with a twist,” pun-filled, tongue-in-cheek, contemporary paranormal romances, starting with the Tritone Trilogy about Mermen and the Humans who love them, her Bottled Magic Series about genies and magic and falling in love, and now her Once-Upon-A-Time Romances, those twisted fairy tales that were the inspiration for her tagline.
Dive into the romance on her website,, for excerpts, deleted scenes, reviews, contests, and pictures from reader and writer conferences



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