Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review Mystic Ink

Title: Mystic Ink
Author: Casey Wyatt
Source: Author Request
Format: eBook
Release Date: January 25, 2012

Welcome to Mystic, Connecticut, where a Satyr owns the local pawn shop, a Minotaur serves the tastiest pizza in town, and the nearest gate to the Underworld resides in the alley outside a tattoo parlor.

Nix–Sea Nymph, talented artist and proprietor of Mystic Ink–just wants to run her tattoo shop in peace and quiet. Peace and quiet, however, are the least of her problems. Mortal corpses keep springing up in her alley like daisies. Hades is angry that the mortals’ souls are missing. And to top it all off, the human authorities suspect Nix of foul play.

Before long, the supernatural police force takes an interest. They dispatch Agent Calder Quinne to investigate. His assignment is simple: determine Nix’s guilt or innocence by observing her daily routine. Instead, he’s faced with an uncooperative Nymph who resents his presence and evades him at every opportunity.

Nix finds Cal far too attractive and a challenge to her self-imposed ban on relationships. She wants him out of her life as soon as possible. When Cal’s soul is stolen next and Nix wakes up missing memories of the evening’s events, even she starts to wonder if she’s guilty. Now, she has only two weeks to locate Cal’s missing soul, or he’ll be doomed to spend eternity as a Shade.
I found this book to be very intriguing and a nice change of pace. The story is very faced paced and starts off with a bang. Nix thought she was on "vacation" from her job as a destroyer and was going to enjoy some down time running her uncle's tattoo shop. Not a chance! Now, not only does Nix have dead bodies showing up in the alley next to her tattoo shop, but her uncle is missing, her protector Cal has had his soul stolen and apparently she has to find the time to stop a plan that could mean the end of the world. The poor girl just can't catch a break! It would also help if her father did not keep erasing her memories, leaving her to wonder what she really does when she is working.

This was a great story with lots of adventure/action, very interesting characters and lots of mystery. I spent most of the story trying to piece the puzzle together along with Nix and Cal, hoping I could solve it before they did. I enjoyed all the supporting characters just as much as I did Nix and Cal, but I have to say Zephyr and Basil the parrot were my favorite. There is a cliff hanger involving Zephyr at the end which I hope means there will be another book.  



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