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Review of Lace & Leather (An Erotic-Paranormal Western) by Leanore Elliott

Title: Lace & Leather
Author: Leanore Elliott
Source: Won copy
Genre: Erotic-Paranormal Western - Time-Travel
Format: ebook - 125 pages
Release Date: March 26th 2012
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A Hot Ride Through The Wild Frontier…
Jess (Leather) was on a bloody trail to track down his father's savage killers. A woman unlike any he’d ever known before, seems to appear out of the blue and captures his attention. But is she his to keep? Will he give her up to have his revenge?

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My Review -

I freaking loved this book and want more!!! I really don't know where to begin but what I will start off by saying is after reading this book I was convinced to buy Leanore Elliott's other two books that are getting rave reviews: "The Sunset Warrior" and "Gateway to the Sun". The author does an incredible job in not only creating a very believable situation that is pure fantasy but integrating characters that are likable, lovable and humorous into the plot.

Somehow Lace travels back in time and encounter a gorgeous cowboy that is all alpha male and rescues her from being killed by Indians who are hot on Leather's trail and shooting at them. Now Leather knows what he wants when he sees it and when he gets a taste of Lace he knows he needs to discover what lies beneath the strange clothing she has on. At first Lace doesn't know where (or should I say when) she is but they both discover soon enough that the item that Lace has in her possession is the catalyst that can launch them back and forth between time. As Leather continues on his quest for revenge he finds that his heart is opening up to Lace and she in turns feels a deep connection with Leather. The only problem is where or when do they go from here.

I really loved how the author incorporated some very laugh out loud moments both the result of how Lace and Leather pushed each others' buttons, but also due to some unusual situations that the two found themselves in (bareback on a horse will definitely have a different meaning to me from now on) LOL!

Leather is one sexy, take charge kind of guy who knows how to make you feel safe knowing everything will be ok, and at the same time, be so very skilled in rocking your world!

Lace is a the type of heroine that I really like. Intelligent, kind-hearted, independent, but not afraid to show her vulnerability, her weaknesses and most of all allowing another into heart and taking charge of a situation when the situation calls for it.

Readers of paranormal romance, westerns and time-travel will definitely enjoy this book!



  1. What a great review! I've read Leanore Elliott's Nowhere Arizona and loved it! It sounds like I'm going to have to pick this one up too!

  2. What a fantastic review! Bravo!

  3. Hi Sandy and Brenda!

    Thank you for the compliment. :)

    This is one fun, hot read that will definitely grab you from the get-go and there is something about Leather that draws you to him and makes you want to know his story. :)

  4. Great review! I also read this story and loved it! Leanore Elliott is such a talened storyteller. I can't wait for her next book!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  5. After reading this review, not only did I put the book on my Kindle, I also posted on Facebook & tweeted! Fantastic review, awesome book blurbs - can't wait to read it. Now I'm going to join this site!

  6. Hi nightowlinil and Sheri!

    @nightowlinil I agree Leonore is a very talented writer who really know how to tell a story and draw the reader in and experience what the characters are feeling.

    @Sheri Thank you for the compliment but all the credit goes to the author. She does a fantastic job with this story and had me wishing I was Lacey and other times made me laugh so loud on the train ride home that people thought "what the hell is wrong with that woman reading" LOL. Thank you for joining the site and have fun checking out the many other books that we review here. :)


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