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After The Crash series by Maddy Barone

Title: After the Crash series
Author: Maddy Barone
Source: Self Purchase
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Futuristic
Length: short novels

When a plane crashes fifty years in the future the survivors learn:
1. Nuclear war has destroyed the technology they knew.
2. Plagues have reduced the female population to a precious few and a woman is worth her weight in gold.
3. Werewolves are more than mere myth, and they want mates.


I found a new-to-me series and just had to share the wealth!
Feisty heroines? CHECK
Sweet Alpha heroes? CHECK
Giggle inducing? CHECK
Tear shedding? CHECK (dang it authors quit making me look like a crazy person when I read in public!)

Imagine you board a plane in the year 2014, it crashes and you and the other survivors end up in the middle of nowhere Nebraska.  You can't get cell phone reception, and the FAA isn't answering the co-pilots maydays.  When help finally shows up it's in the form of a bunch of hunky western movie extras on horseback accompanied by some giant dogs.
Could things get any weirder? YEP! You're informed that it's the year 2064.  50 years ago there was a chain of events that greatly reduced the population, and, technologically speaking, threw civilization back about a hundred years.
Oh and did I happen to mention that the crazy (yet totally great looking) movie extras are actually a Native American tribe that can change into wolves?  AND you just so happen to have caught one of the wolf's fancies and he's decided he wants to keep you? 

LOVED IT!  The whole thing sounds sort of depressing but I promise there are lots of laughs and romantic *sighs* to be had while reading the 'After the Crash' series.  The emotional trauma that the survivors have been through isn't diminished in any capacity.  These ladies have some strong back bones and while coping with their new reality learn to embrace a more simple way of living with a little help from the Lakota Tribe and the people of the town of Kearney.

With men greatly outnumbering the women in the post-Armageddon world there tend to be some serious dangers.  Thankfully the Pack are more than capable of protecting the survivors and helping them integrate into the new world.

Due to the sexual naivety of the men there are a few hilarious situations when things start to heat up.
For example in 'Sleeping With the Wolf' all the knowledge Taye has about making love comes from romance novels he's collected from the "Before-Times"  It makes for one of the most memorable love scenes I have ever read.

Okay, so check out this series so I have some people to talk about it with :)

Sleeping With the Wolf (After the Crash #1)
Rising country music star Carla boards a plane in the year 2014. But it crashes in the future, fifty years after Armageddon has destroyed technology and plagues have reduced the female population to a precious few. She finds herself offered as prize in a Bride Fight, where only the strongest and fiercest men are allowed to compete to win a wife. Alpha werewolf Taye knows Carla is his mate. He wins the Bride Fight and takes her to his den, ready to give her everything, even his heart. Will Carla ever be ready to give him anything?

Wolf's Glory (After the Crash #2)
When goth-girl Glory Peterson’s plane crashes she is sent to find help. What she finds are people living in teepees like it’s the Old West. Wolf’s Shadow knows Glory is his mate. Glory’s happy to take a roll in the hay with him while she’s waiting for transportation back to civilization, but when she finds out she’s gone fifty years into the future and Shadow is a bossy werewolf who thinks he owns her, her attitude changes fast. Shadow is used to giving orders that are obeyed. Glory hasn’t obeyed an order since kindergarten. When two strong-willed lovers clash, who will win?

Wolf Tracker (After the Crash #3)
 Strong, independent Tami was a survivalist and mountain guide in 2014 when she was flung forward fifty years into a post-apocalyptic future where women are worth their weight in gold. She is taken by four men to be their wife, but when she escapes from them they hire the Tracker, a deadly loner from the Wolf Clan with a reputation for being able to track anything, to bring her back. But Tami knows how to ride and how to hide, and she leads him on a chase that rouses his admiration. Behind Tracker’s stone cold face is a man who yearns for a wife of his own. When he catches up with Tami and learns that she is not a willing wife, he knows he can’t give her up

 Sherry's Wolf (After the Crash #3.5)
Plane crash survivor Sherry Rowe was out of her mind with pain when help arrived at the crash site. When the big gray wolf transformed before her eyes into a gorgeous, scary, naked man who claimed her as his mate, she thought he was a hallucination induced by the horror of the plane crash and the pain of her broken legs. But days later, he was still there, trying to take care of her. How could Jumping Stag expect her to love him, a man who turned to a perverted animal, when she was still dealing with the loss of the husband who hadn’t survived the crash?

According to Ms. Barone's website she has at least 3 more books planned in the series and I can't wait :)



  1. I love this series! I read the first book about a year ago and have gotten every books since.

  2. I'm happy that you agree :) I can't believe I didn't find this series sooner!

  3. Okay found some new reads. Planning on getting these. They look great. Thanks for the great review and letting us know about these books. :)


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