Thursday, May 10, 2012

Authors and Their Pets day 5 with Sam Cheever and her pets

Bitten Pet Week Post – May 10th

Help a Pet Hint: Do you love animals and want an easy way to help those who haven’t found their forever homes yet? Both Petco and Petsmart allow you to donate a small amount to shelters each time you buy something at the pet store. With the press of a button on the card scanner, I donate a few dollars each time and it definitely adds up!

Let me just get something right out there…I’m a dogaholic. Yup. It’s true. I’m addicted to dogs. But I don’t need an intervention. I’m perfectly happy with my addiction. I have 11 dogs and at any given moment my husband and I are in danger of adopting another. We don’t go on vacations. I don’t crave jewelry. My husband doesn’t collect machinery or spend money going to sports events. We spend our money on our two daughters and our 11 fur babies.
We’re pleased that we’ve been able to rescue dogs who needed a good home and we feel lucky that they’ve found us. Our fur babies are a labor of love, pure entertainment, and part of our extended family. 

And I’m also happy to say we’ve passed the addiction on to our girls. My oldest daughter has 3 
fur babies and my youngest has 2. 
Now I know that many people have multiple dogs. We’re not all that unique. However, most people with over five dogs are breeders or run shelters. LOL My husband and I hoard our babies. We don’t let them go once we get our greedy hands on them. I realize we’re lucky that we can do this and we’re very thankful. We have a hobby farm so there’s lots of room for our dogs to run and play.  
We’re both fortunate to work from home. And, though we occasionally travel with our jobs, we’re mostly able to stagger our travel so that one of us is always home with the fur babies.

Aside from the many joys of having so many dogs, there are, of course, challenges. Feeding time is interesting, yearly visits to the vet can be a challenge, and keeping track of all the little furry heads is a near impossible task. I find I’m constantly doing head counts to make sure I haven’t lost anybody. Especially at night, because we have lots of coyotes around here. Ish! But our biggest challenge is finding room on the bed at night. We have a king sized bed but, when you add 7 to 8 dogs to the space, there isn’t much room left for the human-type critters! Despite my whining though, I don’t think I could sleep without all those soft, warm bodies draped around me every night. They’re very cuddly. #:0)

I created a video of what it’s like to spend a day with so many dogs and I’d like to share it with you. As a bonus, if you can find the typo in the video (Yes, I know it’s there but I’ve changed software since I created the video and I can’t fix it without redoing the whole thing, LOL), just send me a note telling me what it is and I’ll add you to a drawing for one of my books, winner’s choice. Send the email to, Subject: Typo. I’ll pick the winner on May 24th. Good luck!
Here’s the link to the video:  It’s on my bio page so just scroll down a bit and you’ll see it. I hope you enjoy my fur babies!


  1. Thanks for hosting me and all my fur babies today! I look forward to chatting with commenters.

  2. You have a nice little family there. It's great that you've passed your addiction on to your daughters, more dogs with homes. Thanks for all the pictures. Your family is beautiful.


  3. Thanks so much Joanne! It breaks my heart to see animals without homes. I'm a big baby about those sad pictures shelters put on the Internet. I have to admit I don't look at them. They make me cry and I can't save them all. But on the positive side, from working with rescue organizations when we got our babies, I know a LOT of them get their forever homes. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit.

  4. I love the natural environment your dogs enjoy (and cats and horses and hummingbirds and scarlet tanagers). I watched your video with delight. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh....Doxies!!! I love them so much! All your furbabies are adorable. If your babies are like mine, they get first choice where to sleep, lol. They always look at me like "she who gets in bed first gets to pick their spot first".

  6. Those are the sweetest faces, thanks so much for sharing Wally and the rest of the groups daily adventures! My little pet menagerie of 2 cats and a Chihuahua keep me busy and joyfully entertained, 11 dogs, 2 horses, husband and children are quite a different undertaking and I envy your energy levels.

    (BTW, the King Size bed also is not big enough if all you share it with is a Tabby Cat, a less than 10 pound Chi and 2 humans. The cat and dog stake their claim by each getting half the bed, leaving a "sliver" for each human occupant to try and sleep on!)

    Jackie B Central Texas

  7. Hey Dakota!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed my little home-made movie. I have to say I pretty much suck as a producer, but my actors are so likeable they carry me through. LOL! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. June,

    Emma, the beautiful Bashund (basset hound/doxie mix) on the red blanket waits until we get up and then steals our warm spots. LOL, it's really hard to make her move when we come back so we usually end up tucked at the edge of the bed snuggling up with her. My dogs definitely know how to get around us. I'm so glad you stopped by!

  9. Hey Jackie!

    Isn't it the truth! There should be enough room, but everybody likes to sleep sideways and then kick me with their back feet in their sleep. LOL!

    I'm so glad you came by to see me!

  10. Congratulations to Jackie Burris! She won the book of her choice from my backlist.

    Happy Reading!


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