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Book Spotlight/Giveaway Black Desire by Karyn Gerrard

 Blackthorne Clan, 2 Tristan Black of the Blackthorne Clan has known heartache and pain. He is a Dhampyre (half-Vampire) and most would say blessed with extreme longevity. Tristan would say cursed as he observed the long, slow decline and then death of his human wife due to old age while he seemingly aged not a day. Now seventy years later, he meets Katrina Hammond who piques his interest.

 Katrina is a romance writer on summer vacation when she meets the mysterious and dangerously sexy Tristan. Katrina now finds herself in the middle of a clash between the Blackthorne Clan and a pack of Thropes (wolf shape-shifters). Can Tristan protect Katrina, and can he protect his heart? She awakened feelings in him he thought he would not have again. He considered these passions to be little more than vampiric mythology.

 She awakened desire.

 Katrina Hammond observed the sensual spectacle from her corner booth. Her jaw must be hanging open because she could not believe what she had just seen. The woman had an orgasm in his arms right there on the dance floor. At least that was how it appeared. Obviously, his hand was under her skirt!

 She’d watched his every move since he first strode into the place an hour ago. She glanced around, every female focused on him as she was. They gazed at him with a blatant longing and raw, naked lust and after that dirty dance, who could blame them?

Taking a long, languid sip from her glass, she let the German Riesling linger in her mouth before swallowing. The way she all but drooled was shameless. Every other female, regardless of age, was doing the exact same thing. Katrina shifted uncomfortably in the booth. Wow, she was on fire from watching this man. She needed another drink, a drink with lots of ice. Lots. He stood at the bar.

He was very tall, at least 6’4”, Katrina imagined. The man was slender but there was no mistaking the taut musculature that hugged his frame. Broad shoulders tapered to a perfect, slim waist, not an ounce of fat on this man. He was all lean and wiry with corded muscles. She could observe that fact, as his gold silk shirt was unbuttoned halfway down his chest showing rock hard pectorals dusted with curly brown hair. The black jeans were so tight it left nothing to the imagination.

His face was not what one would call classically handsome, but his features were rugged and very appealing. He had a firm, square jaw and prominent, chiseled cheekbones. A long aquiline nose did not mar his looks at all.His nostrils flared as if scenting the air. The action seemed almost feral.

 A closely cropped, perfectly shaped dark brown goatee added to the dangerous look and surrounded the most luscious, sensuous lips she had ever seen on a man. His hair was incredibly long, past his shoulders and a deep rich brown. His hair was the color of aged mahogany wood and copper highlights glistened and shined under the pulsating strobe lights. However, what drew her first were his large and expressive eyes. The penetrating steel-gray shade, as far as she could make out under the subdued lighting, resembled storm clouds over a raging sea. The man looked cool and detached and the frosty, snowy morning eyes just punctuated the point. The mahogany haired Adonis downed his drink and put down what looked to be a hundred dollar bill judging from the color on the bar counter, tapped it, nodded and left the pub. Katrina was out of her seat like a shot, and she grabbed the bartender's arm.

 "Alright, Greg, who is that man?"

 Her cousin, Greg Hammond, was owner of the Rusty Anchor Pub in the small village of Bennington Bay, Nova Scotia.
 "If you'd come over, I could've introduced you. His name is Tristan Black. His family has been here for hundreds of years."

Katrina let go of his arm and sat in the seat Tristan had just vacated. The leather was surprisingly cool. Greg set another glass of white wine in front of her.

 "If you come back tomorrow night, he'll be here again I'm sure. I'll introduce you. Though it may be a waste of time seeing you are only here visiting for the summer and Tristan, well, is Tristan."

 Greg ran his hand through his short blond hair, turned and left her to wait on another customer. Katrina took a sip of the wine, which tasted crisp and sweet.

 She looked around. The woman this Tristan had danced with was still wandering around in a sexual haze. Dear God. Meet him? Oh yes, would be back here tomorrow night. Never had she been so intrigued.

Kayrn is giving away one pdf copy of Black Desire to enter please answer the question below and leave your email if its not on your profile.

 QUESTION: LEAVE COMMENT TO WIN: What paranormal-type hero do you like the best?





  1. Black Desire sounds very intriguing!!! Can't wait to read it!!!! My fav paranormal hero is werewolves!!!! They're super HOT!!!! ;-) Thanks for the chance to win!!!!


  2. I have to admit that vampires are still my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  3. That is such a hard question. I think that my favorite paranormal type hero would be an angel. The idea of him flying me around the most amazing places of the world is so romantic! Werewolves would probably be my second!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! The book sounds great! Love the Jimmy cover!

  4. I would love to read this book!!!..I love any them..Thank you!!!

  5. I love tortured superheroes who com out of their difficulties and save the day.


  6. I don't have a favorite. I love them all. This book sounds amazing. Can't wait to read it.


  7. my fave is vampires :D
    email: cruz042 at

  8. Vampires or shifters I love an Alpha male. Tall , muscled , arrogant a bit tortured hero!


  9. It's a tie between vampires and shifters. Strong alpha males and the women who keep them in line.


  10. Vampires and werewolves!

  11. I love my shapeshifters but I'm fickle - I can be persuaded to change my mind should someone else come along to take their place. Would love a chance to win a copy of your book.


  12. Hi Jfort, thanks about Black Desire! Werewolves are hot, no question! It's the beast thing for sure, thanks for commenting!

  13. Bethie, I would have to agree. Vamps were my first love, still love them! Thanks for commenting!

  14. Hi Kristina,

    You can't go wrong with a Jimmy Thomas cover, love his back! He was on the cover of Black Lust too! Angels, what a great choice~ Thanks for commenting!

  15. Hi Leisa, thanks about the book! Oh, I love shifters too. Pamela Palmer's Feral Warriors come to mind~

    Thanks for commenting!

  16. Hey Sharonda, *waves* I love tortured heroes period. LOVE them!

    Thanks for commenting!

  17. Joanne,

    thanks about the book! LOL! I love them all, too! Thanks for commenting~

  18. Arianne,

    I have a real soft spot for the blood suckers! Thanks for commenting!

  19. Irene, I love your description! I agree 100%! Thanks for commenting~

  20. Susan,

    what a choice between the two! I love them both~ Alpha guys, *drool*

    Thanks for commenting!

  21. Salty,

    Great choices there, they are my top picks!

    Thanks for commenting~

  22. Hi Lynn, while my heart does go with vamps when push comes to shove, I too, can be fickle, lol!

    Thanks for commenting!

  23. Oh I do love vampires though my favorite would have to be a ghost. They have so much potential!

  24. I love them all. I have to say, as my tongue is hanging out and I'm drooling, I'll take a Tristan on the rocks please.


  25. Hi! One of my favorite supernatural hero is the alpha vampire!!! I love everything about the fact that they bite!!!! LOL tanks for this chance :P


  26. Well right now it is a toss up between a werewolf and a vampire. I've always loved both and well whats not to love!
    I enjoyed the post, thank you for the great giveaway:)

  27. Thanks for a great post and giveaway! My fav supe hero is the one that I'm reading right now :) I don't have a favorite type... as long as it's well written and I can lose myself in the pages is all I'm looking for :)

  28. I like werewolves.


  29. Shifters and vamps...LOVE those HAWT, sexy alpha bad boys!! Thx for the giveaway op!

    barbbattaglia @

  30. Hi Barbara,

    I love shifters and vaps too, both are in this book! thanks for commenting~

  31. thanks Erin!

    Good point, I feel that way, too. Just started Larissa Ione's new release! Thanks for commenting!

  32. bn100,

    There is something about werewolves to be sure! Thanks for commenting~

  33. Hi Loretta,

    Sometimes, it is a toss up for me too. But vamps edge out just a bit! Thanks for commenting!

  34. Proserpine, Oh, I love alpha vampires! The more dark and tortured the better! Thanks for commenting!

  35. Sue,

    thanks about Tristan! I may be biased since I wrote the ting, but he makes me melt with his dark and tortured and sexy self. Thanks for commenting!

  36. Viari,

    Ghosts, great choice! I wish there were more ghost guys out there, thanks for entering!

  37. The paranormal-type hero to me is one who has flaws and learns from past mistakes. Who saves people without even realizing it. One who only wants to be loved back.

  38. So well said, MM!! There is something so appealing about a flawed, tortured hero who really only wants to be loved. That fits paranormal heroes for sure. Thanks for commenting!

  39. Definitely Zsadist from Black Dagger Brotherhood! Yummy!

  40. One of my favorite supernatural hero is the alpha vampire!!! I love everything about the fact that they bite!!!! LOL tanks for this chance Cialis Generic


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