Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Discussion of the month May 2012

Fact or Fiction; Is a book always worth its hype?

We all know what hype is and any author would want you to be hyped about their book or series. I can't blame them one bit.

We know hype is everywhere these days from books to movies to food. Movies trailers are played over and over. New book releases are advertised endlessly and food commercials... well that's a whole other blog!! LOL.  By the time you pay the high price for the show or book and wait oh so impatiently to get your turn at watching or reading your expecting the best of the best, right?

What about those times when the letdown can be pretty bad if it turns out that all that hype was just that, Hype!! No memorable scenes. No fabulous story, you’re just left wondering what was all the hype? Oh ya! I've been there and done that.  LOL

Ever have a friend recommend a book or series over and over or hear about it everywhere you turn to point that you lost interest in it?
Did you give in to the pressure and give a try?

Is there a book or book series out there that's driving you crazy to either buy or not buy because of the hype?


  1. Karen Marie Monings MacKayla Lane and Barron "Fever" series was one that comes to mind. I read the entire series up to book 3 before it started getting talked about as the series to end all series must reads!
    I strongly disagree that the last book was the best one but enjoyed it anyway, there are other books out there that cannot bring to mind names but know that because of hype will probably never try them and may be missing out on a good read but just tired of hearing about them!

    Jackie B Central Texas

  2. Wow I fall into this "hyped" trap all the time. Sometimes it's totally worth it but usually it's not. Like the Night Huntress, I really enjoyed the first book and will definitely continue. However, there're a lot YA hyped up books that made me expect amazing things but was a bit if not a totally let down. I felt that way bout Delirium and Divergent. They were both Ok books, but not as amazing as everyone made them out to be. I will probably read the sequels, but I'll get those from the library.

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  3. That's so irritating when the HYPE lets me down. I'm a big Sherrilyn Kenyon fan but the latest books in the Dark Hunter series have been disappointing. Granted, I've only read up to Bad Moon Rising (HORRIBLE) and the next two that are out are just collecting dust on my shelf. I bought them because I'm a collecter and I gotta have a full series. Anyways, her writing has gone down hill (my opinion) and lately the hype over her books are just hype. Nothing special.

  4. There is a lot of hype around the Fifty Shades of Grey series right now and although I read them and loved Christian/Fifty, the books themselves are awful with regard to editing issues and length. I really loved the first 2 books, but the last one was killing me! :)

  5. As far as the hype issue the Fifty Shades Trilogy is crazy talked about. But it was a disappointment to me.

  6. Megan the Fifty Shades of Grey is what give me this topic idea. I see it everywhere ugh. As you know I haven't read them and with all the hype I dont believe I'll ever read them.

  7. Awe yes the hyper how many times I fell for that so many series all fall victims of repeat its a different book same story just different people u ever pick up a brand new all hyper up noveland feel this book before and you what happens before u.even.turn the page am worried that my favasnarengoingnto fall victims to this horrible crime agaigst litature everywhere


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