Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Interview with cover model Jason Baca Giveaway

Please welcome cover model Jason Baca!

Laurie- How long have you been a cover model?

Jason - Well I have been a model since 1997, but a cover model since 2008.

Laurie- What’s the best perk of being a cover model?

Jason - The most satisfying feeling you get in the world is seeing yourself there on the cover of one of these romance novels. Growing up as a kid my family never really thought outside the box. They tried to keep me thinking ordinary or like regular people. I always had big dreams.. Dreams of me being a pro baseball player or being a romance novel gladiator.. And now here I am talking to you about how it’s all going. It’s not a career just anyone can do so it gives me lots of confidence. The perk of it all is being able to tell people with authority that this is what you do for a living.

Laurie-Do you have any hobbies?

Jason- Of course... If I didn't, I'd be a pretty dull person I'd think.. Yes I enjoy exercising, biking, lifting weights, watching Jersey Shore, going on long vacations too far away peaceful shores and resorts. I also enjoy gardening and have a hard time throwing away Avocado pits... I always want to plant them in my yard somewhere.. I have 10 or so sprouting up around the yard currently.. I often wonder... will the next guy that moves in here have to buy any avocados ever?

Ollie-Give us some stats (the ladies always want to know that) Height, weight.

Jason - I am 5'11" 170lbs. I have an athletic body and always will have it that way! I believe in taking care of myself as hygiene is a priority in my life.

Ollie- What did you do before you got into modeling and why?

Jason - Well in college I played for my college baseball teams... I was originally focused on doing that for a living, but it didn't work out that way... Then I became a bellboy at a hotel for a year or 2. This was the low point in my life because I had no clue what to make of myself. What was I here on earth for and how could I contribute?

Ollie-What are the biggest misconception people may have about you being a model?

Jason- That all models are equal. That all have a bad attitude and think they are the hottest creatures around. I am not one of these. I greet those with a smile and don't put myself at a different level than anyone. Right away people will either treat me one way or the other. They will either love me or hate me right off the bat. For those that hate me... I always find myself proving to them that I'm an ok down to earth person, then they loosen up a bit.

Ollie-How do you keep yourself grounded without falling into the negative aspects that may occur in your profession?

Jason - Well I have a pretty clear cut goal of what I am after in this business. Nobody or nothing can come between it. I have had plenty of negative remarks thrown at me about what I'm doing but I just push it aside. I am achieving more and more of what I'm after in the business. If your mind gets trapped into the negative aspects of any career, then your brain will shift its attention toward what you are doing wrong instead of what it should be thinking about which are the positives. That is why so many people don't achieve their goals... They fall victim to these messages and read into them.

Cynthia- What is your daily physical and dietary regimen that allows you to stay in your peak condition?

Jason - Ok Cynthia... you had to ask so here goes....  Every morning, I get up and stretch. I put an ice pack on my face which helps if I'm a little puffy around the eyes. This also helps me wakeup from a long nights slumber. After stretching, place a small amount of Barbosal shaving cream into the palm of my hand and lather. I apply the shaving cream to my face and leave on for 1 minute so that it penetrates my skin. Then I shave my face using Gillette’s Hybrid Advance Triple Action Blade. In the shower, I begin with the Honey vanilla body wash along with Olay's restore botanical fusion body wash. I rinse then use Olay's total effects Anti-Aging Body wash. For the face I use, Ultra-Rich Shea Butter Creme wash followed by Clean & Clear's Morning Burst which is an in-shower facial. Finally The body shop's pour homme face wash.

    That is for hygiene.. As for physical activity, I perform a wide variety of muscle development exercises that I feel really put me at an advantage over my competition. I do a rigerous workout in the morning usually and make sure to really focus on trouble areas such as abs and chest. I make sure to do the exercises slowly and perform the movements correctly. I workout for 1 hour per day. No more, No less. If I find myself in the club longer then 1 hour,then perhaps I had taken too much time socializing which I shouldn't be doing in a health club anyways.

   As for diet, I don't put any foods in my body unless they are useful to me. If they provide me proper nutrients and minerals then I will consume them to their fullest. I live inside a balanced diet containing mainly chicken, fish, and fresh fruits that are organic. Anything outside of those food groups and I usually question their benefit.

Kris-Do you get to travel to interesting locations?

Jason- No not really, I get to go to Southern California if anything. They flew me to Northern Washington one time out in the woods which was beautiful.  If so, where was your favorite place? Going up to Washington was quite fun. They had me take a train back to the airport which was odd but unique because it takes you right through all the overgrown tundra. The greenery is so thick up there that it captivates the mind.

Kris-Do you ever end up reading the books that you're on the cover of?

Jason-I do on occasion! I would have to say that I have been intrigued at how much thought and creativity goes into writing one of these novels. Sometimes I find myself In Too Deep as Genesis put it.

Kris-Do you ever go to the book signings with the authors?

Jason-No, but I've been offered to go with them to the RT conventions. I plan on attending one soon. I think it will be neat to see all the authors there.

Jason is giving away a copy of an autographed head shot to one lucky commentor. US only and please leave your email.


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