Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review Make Me by Charlotte Stein

Title: Make Me
Source: Self Purchase
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Length: Novella (120 pgs on kindle)

Maisie had no idea her best friends could be so kinky. But now, years after the most intense sexual encounter of her life, she’s about to discover just how sexually flexible they can be.

Forced to face Brandon and Tyler, Maisie comes up against something she doesn’t expect: the intensity of her own desires for things best left in the past. But once Brandon’s confessed to her just how persuasive Tyler can be when it comes to kinky encounters, Maisie finds that some things can never be buried. She wants them both, and she’s no longer afraid to admit it…

Holy Four Alarm Fire Batman! 
I think I just read the hottest thing to creep onto my Nook in a good while.  And believe me, I've read some yummy little tales lately. Make Me absolutely knocked my socks off. *I could totally segue that last statement into a lewd comment but I'll keep my inner 16 year old at bay ;)*

Tyler's character is so delightfully filthy with his words. Mix that with Brandon's sweet disposition and it's just a firework ready to go off.
Maisie is a lucky lady.

I, personally, would qualify this is erotic romance, because there is a relationship that reaches beyond sex.  I know others might disagree and mark it as strictly erotica due to the sexual content (F/M,M/M, M/M/F) and frequency of such scenes. But whatever you want to classify Make Me under I don't care, because it was hot and made my day/night and probably tomorrow :)


  1. Caroledee, you lucky girl! Sounds as if this one needs to be on my night stand.

  2. You should absolutely check it out :) I can't recommend it enough. Be prepared, it jumps right into some "action" on the first page. LOL


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