Monday, June 25, 2012

Review Blood Moon by Jae Lynne Davies

Title: Blood Moon (Mythic #2)
Author: Jae Lynne Davies 
Source: Author request
Genre: urban fantasy and paranormal romance
Length: Novel
Reviewed by Laurie

Forced to make a heartbreaking decision between the man she loves and the family she thought long dead, Gianna Marino returns to London—obligated to vampire coven leader, Mattias Vitale while thoughts of another are fresh on her mind.

When word is received of suspicious vampire activity, she is assigned to an investigation that leads her to Greece, where she discovers Dante—Mattias’s recently resigned second in command, and a dangerous prophecy.

Dante Diakos is the last of a pure immortal bloodline—a descendant of the gods, and he intends to invoke the power of the entire pantheon on the eve of the Blood Moon which occurs once every millennia. If he attains the legendary abilities, he’ll be the most powerful being on earth, and intends for her to rule by his side.

When the fate of world hangs in the balance, a decision is placed in Gianna’s hands…Become an eternal slave to Dante’s will or lose everyone she’s ever loved.

Jae Lynne Davis delivers a hot action pact urban fantasy with a touch of romance. After having a few issues with the first book in this series I went into this book from a different viewpoint. I kept reminding myself this would be an urban fantasy with some hot sex and the author not only delivers that but this time around I really enjoyed the storyline as a matter of fact, I couldn’t quit reading it.

Caution below you'll find a spoiler or two sorry!! 
Dante and Allyn’s story was awesome. I loved the detail and how the author kept an exciting pace while telling it. Dante is blinded by his love for Gianna, so much so that he would go to great lengths to make her his Goddness. All the while Allyn will stop at nothing to try to show him that Gianna is wrong for him. Will Dante get his Goddness or will he let his loose his true love by his blindness? I really felt romance between this couple and I really liked Allyn. I found myself rooting for her the whole time.

Gianna is pretty much the same person as she was in the first book except for the fact she is now with Mattias and not too happy about it, even though he loves her and is good to her. Everything is going fine until Mattias decides to put Gianna into a position that she finds life threating. Will she stay with him after he threw her to the wolf? Well, you’ll have to read to find out.

At the end you’ll find Gianna getting a huge surprise, it was one I didn’t see coming. The thing is some of you romance readers will be kind of pissed off about it because this one has another huge cliffhanger. *Rubbing hands together* Now pardon me while I go bug an author about leaving me with this huge cliffhanger. *crying* I want Gianna to have her true romance LOL…I need that next book now!!!To Be Continued LOL… 

Dang it Jae is going to kill me, but I am willing to risk it. I have to add those of you who are a Nicholas fan your in for a huge treat.. There I am done now go buy this book... LOL.


  1. I really enjoyed reading "Mythic". I think Jae Lynn Davies did a wonderful job of giving us a look at the world and characters she created. I had no problem picking my favorite characters good and bad from the beginning. That said with the wonderful twists and turns, some of which caught me totally by surprise, had me rethinking a couple of them and looking for a stake. I am still rooting for you Nicholas!!

    I can't wait to see what Dante is up to. Dark, dangerous, cunning and he is hitting on the top bad guy Mattias's girl Gianna!? There is something special about her, she is attracting some powerful vamps. Nicholas, Mattias and Dante. Hmmm you say Mattias threw her to the wolf?

    "Blood Moon" is ordered and I am stalking the Mail Man as I write. *giggles*

  2. Yep, he does so to speak. If you loved the first one you'll really love this one. The story line is really deep and well explained. Rooting for I see. Me too!! Oh, your in for a treat.


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