Monday, June 25, 2012

Review Dangerous Touch by Sally Duncan

Review Dangerous Touch (The Kayla Chronicles #1)
Author Sally Duncan
Source: Author request
Genre: Erotica paranormal romance
Length: short story
Reviewed by: Laurie

She seems like an ordinary young woman. But there is nothing normal about Kayla Atkins. Hidden away amongst the nameless crowds of the homeless that fill the abandoned corners of Bristol, she has kept her existence a secret from the world. Half Succubus and Half Witch, she denies her heritage and fears her powers. She considers herself a lone freak of nature, until Alaric bursts into her life, quite literally falling at her feet.

By helping him, she reveals herself to a group of criminals, led by the mysterious ‘Collector’, who hunt down and capture those like Kayla and the werewolf Alaric. Now she must decide if she will help the injured werewolf, and ultimately herself, by getting them both to Alaric’s friends on Dartmoor.

Can they get to safety before the Collector’s men catch up? And will she give in to the attraction that sizzles between them?

At 52 pgs this is one hot adventure romance story that will have you wanting more. The story starts out with Kayla a teenager but it isn’t long until she is all grown up and very alone in the world because of her special abilities. She finally finds someone in the world that is special too and they both find a mate in each other.  Kayla and Alaric heats up the pages from the get go.
This is a good fast pace action romance and I recommend this to paranormal romance lovers of short erotic readers. 

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