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Review of BARED TO YOU by Sylvia Day

BARED TO YOU:  A Crossfire Novel
Published:   May 24, 2012
Publisher:  Berkley Trade
Genre:  Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN:  9780425263907
Available ebook and print
Review copy provided by Edelweiss for an honest review.

Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness—beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I'd never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily...

Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each other's most private wounds... and desires.

The bonds of his love transformed me, even as I prayed that the torment of our pasts didn't tear us apart..

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Alright, I admit it - I caved.  I usually don't follow the crowd and read what is popular.  I don't know Bones from Barrons from Curran.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not totally in the dark - LOL!  It's just that there is sooo much to read and only so many hours in a day.  So, yes, I caved after reading all of the press about FSOG and decided to give BARED TO YOU a shot.  Really?  Seriously?  What was all the fuss about.

Eva and Gideon belong to the very exclusive - filthy rich, beautiful people club.  There is a catch though; both of them are psychotic having suffered traumatic abuse during their childhood.  Eva has (and still is) getting professional help but Gideon, nope, he has a long way to go.  Eva's abuse is spelled out, but it is never clear what Gideon is struggling with.  Throw into the mix Eva's bisexual, self-destructive (and gorgeous no matter what he wears) roommate, Cary; her looney, but just as gorgeous Mother; and all the other beautiful people in their circle, and you have a prime-time Manhattan drama in the making.

Gideon has commitment problems; then he has issues with possessiveness and jealousy.  Eva wants a relationship, but has she self-esteem issues.  She'll get jealous or upset and instead of trying to talk it out with Gideon, she runs.  And Gideon, well he doesn't talk about problems very well either, he uses sex.  There was quite a bit of make-up sex - hot 'n heavy taking place in the shower, the limo, the home library, the office.

The turning point for me was when Eva laid this gem on Gideon:

He pressed a kiss to the crown of my head.  "I can't stand the thought that you're waiting for this to end.  That's what you're doing, isn't it?  That's what you sound like."
"I'm sorry."
"We just have to make you feel secure."  He ran his fingers through my hair.  "How do we do that?"
I hesitated a moment, then went for it.  "Would you go to couples therapy with me?"
The stroking of his fingers paused.  He stood silently for a moment, breathing deeply.
"Just think about it," I suggested.  "Maybe look into it, see what it's about."
"Am I doing this wrong?  You and me?  Am I fucking it up that much?"
I pulled back to look at him.  "No Gideon.  You're perfect.  Perfect for me, anyway.  I'm crazy about you.  I think you're-"

Excuse me - I think you're perfect but you need therapy!?!  After two weeks (or less) of fucking dating, whose asks that?  But it didn't change the caliber of the story for me.  It was still misunderstandings, jealousies, SOS - different day, hot sex and a HFN to be continued in the next installment, DEEPER IN YOU.

One more thing, if you please.  When I turned the last page of this book, I found a Readers Guide with Discussion Questions.  Ah hell, I should have known better.  Any book that ends with essay questions instead of an epilogue is not for me.  


  1. I have this book from Netgalley. And I am still not sure if I want to read it. I caved and read 50 Shades and I see this compared to it and well I am just not sure if I want to put myself through it

    Thanks for the review.

    P.S You haven't read Bones or Barrons? I think my mouth hit the floor! lol

  2. Ha! I love your reviews. I feel the same way about reading

  3. Sorry, having a hard time commenting from my phone today...

    Anyway, I feel the same way about reading the popular books. I never get the hype. I always feel let down after reading "what everyones talking about". But seriously girl, you're missing out with Barrons & Bones. They are epic alpha males!! :)

  4. Ummm, I'm a late bloomer?!? True scoop. Didn't start reading any romance until four years or so ago. Now, I'm even behind in the PNR series I do read (IAD and BDB). I know, I know *shaking head* but so many good books to read....

  5. I'm so surprised that this book only got a 3 on it's review. It's funny because I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! But, then again I loved Fifty Shades and anything similar these days. They were very similar but I actually enjoyed Bared to You more then FSOG. It's definitely not for everyone but I just tore through this book and I can't wait for October for the sequel! :)

  6. Hey Lynette, let us know how the sequel is. I don't think I can struggle through more Eva/Gideon drama. Different strokes for different folks.

  7. Thanks for the review, I haven't read this one, just didn't seem like one I would like.

  8. love the review!!!

    what's bones and barrons??

  9. @ Mary, I enjoy a good BDSM story, but this one didn't come close.

    @Desirae, I'm not sure what type of preternatural characters they are. But you can be sure they are kick ass alpha!

  10. @artemis what book are they from??

  11. Desirae - I have no idea. Vamps, weres. I do know the series are very popular and any google search would easily find them by name alone. I just don't have the time to add more series to the teetering TBR

  12. Come on folks! Bones is a vamp from The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. Jericho Barrons is from Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series. No one knows for sure what he is. He's definitely supernatural, but Moning always kept it secret what exactly he is. (As far as I can remember) They're both total Alphas :)

  13. CaroleDee: Thank you for enlighting us. I knew someone finally would. I haven't read those series, so I have no idea who these guys are. I just know they are uber-Alpha and the readers swoon over them. Oh wait. I did try to read KMM Fever series. Couldn't get past the first book - just not my type of read. *shrugs shoulders*

  14. Understandable about The Fever series, they're love 'em or leave 'em type of books ;)

  15. Sylvia Day's book was terrible. A big disappointment compared to FSOG trilogy.....

  16. I haven't read the FSOG series, but have talked to close friends who have and one who has read this book also. I'm believing that FSOG is the better book.


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