Friday, June 1, 2012

Review of Conner by Miranda Stork

Title: Conner
Author: Miranda Stork
Source: Author Provided
Genre: Paranormal romance
Length: Mass paperback 466 pages
Reviewed by: RevRiotGyrl

Erin is a young psychologist, with no time for anything but her work, and unable to remember anything about her past, she leads an uneventful life, but a lonely one, in which she secretly wishes for a soulmate...Conner is an unusual patient who approaches her, thrusting her into a strange world of darkness that runs beneath her own. He believes himself to be a creature of legend -- a werewolf...

Conner is an absolute unique and intriguing story about werewolves set in modern day England and Ireland.

Erin is psychologist who is brought in on a unique case concerning a gentleman by the name of Conner who is absolutely convinced he is a lycanthrope. As neither werewolves nor vampires really exist, she is brought in to counsel the young man and convince him otherwise.

The story pretty much starts off with subdued action which picks up from there. The violence is kept to a minimum and implied more than it is described and the sex scenes are hot!

I cannot say enough about the chemistry between Conner and Erin as it is present from the start. It is like electricity humming in the air. There is nothing forced about their connection and I couldn’t wait for them to get together and be able to live out all this sexual frustration which builds and builds as the novel progresses.

This novel is very intriguing and actually has a very interesting twist on both werewolf and vampire lore. The author has a beautiful prose and is very gifted with the written word. I would definitely recommend this novel to those readers out there who prefer a little action and adventure with their paranormal romance. There is a gothic quality to the work which prevents it from going anywhere into the urban fantasy category and those who prefer an old world feel will be in for a treat. Did I also mention a jaw dropping ending which will have readers scratching their heads and begging the author to tell them when the sequel will be coming out?

So why not howls galore?

There were some errors in the novel which, unfortunately, jolted me out of the story. The formatting for the Kindle version was also all over the place and made it hard for me to read and truly enjoy the story.

Had this not been the case, this story could have easily earned a pack howl.

P.S. Although the author is British and I did notice a few British phrases throughout the novel, this should not be a problem for American readers.


  1. putting this on my wishlist right now

  2. Nice cover :) I hate it when I download a Kindle book & the format is crazy and hard to figure out. Just fnished a book like that. Thanks for the heads up on that. Great book review.

  3. I like the sound of this book, and action with paranormal romance is great. Too bad it has some errors (that bothers me too). But still sounds good enough to check out =)


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