Friday, June 22, 2012

Review A Wild Night's Bride by Victoria Vane

Title : A Wild Night's Bride (The Devil DeVere #1)
Author: Victoria Vane
Source: Request
Genre: Historical Erotic Romance
Length: Short novel

With the Devil in charge there will be hell to pay...

What happens when a struggling actress and a grieving widower come together in a night of unbridled debauchery orchestrated by a bored and machinating rake? 
She’s a lonely lady down on her luck...
Phoebe Scott, alias Kitty Willis, is a struggling Covent Garden actress with a bruised heart and a closely guarded secret.

He’s steadfast and eminently respectable
Sir Edward Chambers, Ned to his intimates, is guilt-ridden over his beloved wife’s death and avowed to live out a rustic and mundane life … of celibacy.

With the devil in charge — there will surely be hell to pay. Devil in disguise, Viscount Ludovic DeVere, is determined to return his best friend, Ned, to the land of the living. His meddling machinations result in a night of mind blowing passion after which “dull dog Ned” awakes to find himself in the King of England’s bed!

What do you get when you mix the unlikely combo of a Georgian historical setting with the crazy misadventures of the movie the Hangover? A Wild Night's Bride, of course!

With short novels I try not to give too much plot away, especially when the synopsis is so dead on.  So let me just say that Victoria Vane did a wonderful job with A Wild Night's Bride.  It is absolutely historical erotica at its best.  Phoebe and Ned were written wonderfully.  With both of their histories a bit sad I grew to love and root for their 'happily ever after'.  
If you love tales of second chances brought about by meddling friends and a giggle worthy adventure you're bound to fall in love with A Wild Night's Bride.   
*From June 22-29th you can pick up A Wild Night's Bride at Amazon for .99 in anticipation of the second installment in the The Devil DeVere series The Virgin Huntress


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