Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reviewers needed!

Bitten by paranormal romance is looking for reviewers that can read adult paranormal romance and erotic paranormal romance. We service all sub-genres in paranormal romance. We don't read young adult.

I have to be honest this is not easy work it is very time consuming, but it is sometimes rewarding because you might get to read a book before it hits the stores.

We need other like us that can do these things below
Dependability- Not only authors but I need someone dependable to get their reviews done in a timely manner and added on the blog.
Long term- someone to be able to stick with us for the long haul.
eCopies- someone who can read pdf copies from the computer or you can try to transfer it to your devise.
Some computer skills- You have to post your reviews on the blog. I don't mind helping you with your first post or any problems you have, but I need someone who is kind of computer savvy or at least good a following directions
Self Published authors- I need readers that welcomes self pubs. because they are a huge part of us here. 
Overlook grammar errors- We get a lot of ARC copies. They have not been fully edited so you have to be able to overlook misspelling etc.. 
Goodreads account- Someone that has a goodreads account, if not you can open one. You will have to post your reviews there.

 Now, last thing, I would also like to be able to contact you by phone so I can go over things with you before you get started.

All of us here at Bitten consider each other friends and we like to share ideas, books etc.. by emails, facebook or goodreads. So, if you'd like to be part of us here please fill out the form below

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