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Villain week: Villain # 6 Zipacna author Ambrielle Kirk

Please welcome Zipanca and author Ambrielle Kirk!

A cloud of gray smog dissolves, and Zipacna appears.

Ambrielle: *Looks over the rim of her coffee cup* Um…er…you’re a little early. You aren’t due to arrive for another twenty minutes.

Zipacna: Catching my victims by surprise has always been one of my specialties.
Ambrielle: Victim?

Zipacna: *pulls up a chair and sits down* I suppose you may be my friend instead.

Ambrielle: Alrighty then. Since the release of The Protector, your fans have been a bit curious about your intentions.

Zipacna: *lifts an eyebrow and grins* Fans? I always knew I could persuade by the thousands. Before you know it, my army will be extraordinary and no one will stand a chance against me.

Ambrielle: So, you do have intentions to raise an army on Middleworld?

Zipacna: My intentions have turned into reality. My army is in place…

Ambrielle: You detest all humans. Does this mean you plan to destroy us all?

Zipacna: *laughs* I won’t destroy them, but the Apocalypse will. Once the humans are gone someone must claim this realm. I’ll be the first in line.

Ambrielle: Do you think the Hero Twins have the power to stop you? They’ve done it before.

Zipacna: Their command and influence is not as powerful as it used to be. They’ve been divided for centuries.
Ambrielle: If united, their forces would outweigh your army…don’t you think?

Zipacna: Surely you haven’t forgotten about the little gem that keeps them at odds. They both want Mona…anyone could see that.

Ambrielle: Um, correction…Mona is actually the key to bringing the two races together.

Zipacna: You think so? Only one of them can have her, and there can only be one ruler on Middleworld.

Ambrielle: *leans back in chair and crosses her arms* You’re right in that regard…about there being only one ruler. As for Mona…

Zipacna: She’s nothing more than a decoy. While they fight over the girl, I’ll take the ultimate prize.

Ambrielle: I can’t wait to see how this turns out…

Zipacna: You and I both, Ambrielle. *disappears in a cloud of smog*

It only takes one to reverse the fate of all. She alone holds the powers to keep the forces of evil at bay. Her sacrifice for humanity may include her life.

Mona Laveaux is unaware that she is part of an ancient legacy—the product of a union between a powerful witch and a Protector. Life-altering events, including the death of her guardian, lead her on a quest of self-discovery. Fate guides her to cross paths with Xander and Hunter—the Hero Twins reincarnated. Through them, she learns the purpose of her existence, both of her life and of her heart. But, with both brothers competing for her love, Mona has everything to lose and hardly anything to gain. All her decisions, including choosing one brother over the other, could mean losing humanity to the Apocalypse. Xander and Hunter must form an alliance to defeat the Lords of the Underworld. But their fight for power—and Mona—just might keep them divided.

To see what else Zipacna has up his sleeves, a copy of The Protector may be purchased here:
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