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ARC Review Demon Hunting in the Deep South by Lexi George

Title: Demon Hunting in the Deep South (Demon Hunting #2)
Author: Lexi George
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Length: Novel (336pgs)
Release Date: July 31 2012 from Kensington Publishing Corp

The warrior and the wallflower . . .
Shy, self-conscious Evie Douglass tries to stay under the radar, especially when her nemesis Meredith Peterson, aka The Death Starr, is anywhere around. Meredith and her bitch posse of skinny girlfriends have tormented Evie since the seventh grade, calling her names like The Whale and Thunder Thighs.
Evie tries to stay invisible, but that’s not an easy thing for a plus-sized gal to do in a small town like Hannah, Alabama. She finds it doubly hard to avoid Meredith’s wrath once she takes a job at the lumber mill. You see, Meredith’s husband is Evie’s new boss. Translation: more torture time for The Death Starr.

Evie thinks things couldn’t get much worse until the morning she finds Meredith’s bloody body sprawled across her desk. Typical Meredith, she gets herself dead mere days after a very public scene in which Meredith accuses Evie of having an affair with her husband. Worse, the murder weapon is found in Evie’s car.

Suddenly, Evie is the Number One suspect in a sensational murder case. But she’s got bigger problems. Hannah is infested with demons—soul sucking, body snatching creatures of evil—and, for some reason, they want Evie. The only thing standing between Evie and death or possible possession is a hunky blond demon slayer named Ansgar.

Ansgar is a Dalvahni warrior, a supernaturally gorgeous race whose sole purpose is to hunt down and capture rogue demons.

Evie could almost swear that Ansgar is interested in more than demons. He seems interested in her. Ridiculous, of course, because he’s sex on two legs and she’s…

Well, she’s Whaley Douglass.

To add to Evie’s troubles, Meredith doesn’t even have the decency to stay dead. She shows back up as a ghost and she’s more of a beyotch than ever. Meredith has deathnesia—she can’t remember who killed her—leaving Evie to solve the mystery herself, or go to jail for a murder she didn’t commit.

Fans of Kerrelyn Sparks and Molly Harper will devour Demon Hunting in the Deep South.
It had everything I love in a paranormal romance plus fantastic comedic relief.

Evie's character has had it rough.  Mother died young, dad turned into a drunk, kids making fun of her weight through school and beyond; you'd be right in assuming she doesn't have the greatest self esteem.  Now, don't get the wrong idea, she's not simpering in a dark room wailing about her life, but she's not having a great time either.  She's just coasting through trying to stay under, around, AS FAR away from the radar as she can get.  Be polite and unmemorable seem to be her philosophy in life.  All that changes and she's thrust into the limelight when the town's long standing queen-bee shows up dead in her office. 

After thousands of years of existence the supposed emotionless Ansgar can't understand why he's so drawn to Evangeline Douglass. He's tried everything to get her out of system since meeting her.  He erased her memory of him and went back to his own dimension but just can't get her out of his mind.  He finally decides to return to Hannah but with Evangeline being accused of murder, his own feelings of unworthiness, and that pesky problem of demons trying to abduct her he may never get to explore his new emotions, including love.

Demon Hunting in the Deep South's story was great, but what really made it for me were the citizens of Hannah, Alabama. They have to be some of the craziest characters I've ever read.  Even the pets have huge personalities!  From the Mayor's pet possum Priscilla, to Frodo the finger munching, alligator-chihuahua. You just can't get away from the hilarious imagination of Lexi George.

I can't recommend Demon Hunting in the Deep South enough.  Angsty romance, self realization, kick-butt demon hunting, and enough hilarious hijinx to keep you laughing all the way through.  I also suggest reading this one with a partner.  There are soo many funny lines that you'll want to laugh out loud with someone else!

Kama Kazi chickens, a bitchy ghost, and now Free Willie.  And it's only my first day in Hannah. This is some crazyass town."

*I didn't read the first in this series (Demon Hunting in Dixie), but wasn't left with a 'what the heck is going feel' that can happen when jumping into a series out of order. But you can be sure that since I loved this one so much I already have my 'next to-read' book picked out :)


  1. You have missed a ton of enjoyment by not having read Demon Hunting in Dixie (book 1). I thought it was possibly the funniest thing I read in 2011 but living in Alabama I could put a lot of images and voices to the characters with ease :)

  2. Dang it now I want this... Like I don't have enough books to read ARGH!!

  3. I have many relatives in the south. Some I think appeared in Demon Hunting in Dixie. I really enjoyed the banter and the local southern sayings that were taken literally by the demon hunting multidimensional warriors. I can't wait for book 2. Book one was laugh out loud funny.

  4. Since this review was already here I will just tag my comments onto this one here :)

    I finished Demon Hunting In The Deep South and loved it, while it was not quite as hilarious as Demon Hunting In Dixie it may have been a better book as far as plot. I give both of them 4.5 Stars and the first book maybe higher since it caught me by surprise and had me almost rolling in the floor laughing. This book would have been better if we had more of the dog who I loved when referring to the vet as "the House of Pain" . The first book was a fun romp and this one was closer to a murder mystery/love story so it really was hard to compare except for the humor which I loved in both. These are books you need to get and save for when you really feel down, they will give you a lift and a laugh. The author is expanding her universe a bit and I can see setups for many future stories for the denizens of Hannah, Alabama but a few of us feel like we have an inside track on these books since things like a funeral banner that read "Say Hello To The Bear For Us" is immediately understood by people like me :) Highly recommended but you almost have to read the books in order to get full enjoyment. It also becomes apparent that Ms George is growing as a writer since this book taken on just the literary level (yes that is hard) shows a lot of growth as a writer, I can hardly wait for the next installment of the adventures of all the creatures in Hannah :)

  5. I have been wanting to read this author....I think you just convinced me to get one of her books...this one sounds like a delight!! Great review!


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