Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Author guest post Rachel Carrington

Please welcome romance author Rachel Carrington 

Imaginary Worlds—What’s Not to Like?

I write fantasy and paranormal romances. Both are popular genres and have dedicated fan bases. Readers are always clamoring for another chance to step inside a vampire’s castle or be whisked away in the magical arms of a wizard. And in every story, there is a unique world to be explored that explains why these romances are so well-loved.

Step outside reality and enter a place where the night is magical. Yes, dark creatures exist in those dangerous forests but so do vampires who will do anything to protect the woman they love, shapeshifters who unite with their mate for life, and werewolves that save mere mortals from certain death.

Imagine living in a world where anything is possible because everything is fantasy. You could see two moons on the same night or feel the universe surround you as you’re lifted off the ground in the arms of your vampire. You could watch plants grow and surround you as you walk, hear a bird actually call your name, and feel the ripples of the water as you glide across a lake that wasn’t there moments before.

And forget about the everyday boredom of commutes, time clocks, and grocery shopping.
In these worlds, you can explore with confidence, knowing you’re going to find something unique.

There is no doubt in my mind that, in spite of the dangers, I’d choose a fantasy world any day. Where else would you find the undead sexy or the glowing eyes of your wolf comforting? Certainly not in the real world.


  1. Oh wow another vampire book for me to read. I really love the vampire books and paranormals in general. I like being transported to places that can't possibly be.

  2. Hmm. I don't think I'd want to live in a fantasy world, but visiting yours sounds like fun. Definitely have to look these books up!


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