Monday, July 16, 2012

The Dead I Owe by Julie Ann Michaels

Title: The Dead I Owe
Author: Julie Ann Michaels
Source: Author request
Genre Paranormal romance- vampire
Length: Novel
Reviewed by: Laurie

Destined for greatness in the corporate world, Olivia Dahl's only regret is that an ideal love life eludes her. After crossing paths with the irresistible vampire, Benjamin Ward, Olivia is propelled into the middle of a demon invasion and forced to rely on the vampire that took her life. Olivia fights to save the city from being overrun by demons while resisting her unyielding attraction to Benjamin.

Together, can they stop a demon invasion? Can Olivia learn to forgive the Vampire that changed her life forever?

In a world of vampires, demons, and heady revelations, Olivia struggles to find new purpose.

The dead I owe is a very nice introduction to what I hope to be an upcoming series because I really liked the characters and would like to read more about them as they grow. This is a new author and her first book that left me with a good impression of her and her work. As always I have to be honest at first I had a hard time getting into the book because with only one person’s POV you get a lot of just read about Olivia and her life in the first half of the book, but once the author brought in more paranormal activity, action and the romance it ended up being a really good book and I look forward to reading more by this author. Some of you might really like this because you do get to know the main character in depth. Than some of you might find the first half boring like I did, if you do just try to keep going because it does get really good once the demons come into play and the heroine finds out she has talents that the other vampires don’t. For the price of this book it’s really worth the read and I would even venture to say this would fit nicely into an urban fantasy reader who likes some romance added into the mix.


  1. Nice review. I love the cover! Its so kitchy.

  2. Redzsm- Thanks! The cover really fits the book too. I like it because it's different.


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