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Guest post with romance author Ava Delany + Giveaway!

Please welcome romance author Ava Delany! 

Why Did I Choose to Write an Unconventional Paranormal?

Let’s talk about paranormal romance. Sit with me for a while and I’ll share what I love about the various types, and why I chose to make Dark Daze what I call an “unconventional paranormal”.

Why I love Vampire novels

A hot and powerful man who wants only you.
One who has waited not just a lifetime, but several lifetimes, to be with you.
With strength, paranormal sex appeal, and deadly fangs, he is the ultimate bad boy.
He’s usually a loner and often taciturn, yet he shares himself with you. (As much as he’s able, with the tortured past and all.)
There are so many wonderful vampire characters, from Lestat to Dracula to Edward and everything in between. Need I say more?

Why I love Werewolf novels

Another wonderful example of the sexy and dominant hero.
He’s the best of the “best friend” hero. He’s going to nuzzle you like a cuddly, furry lapdog and protect you like a fierce wolf.
The pack mentality brings a level of loyalty to the romance I find appealing.
Sexy and strong werewolf characters abound as well, from Jacob to Lachlain. And who could forget Michael J Fox’s teen wolf. (Kidding.) Seriously though, there are some sexy and loyal wolves out there waiting to fall in love.

Why I love Unconventional paranormal novels

This encompasses all the other types of paranormal romance, from witches and trolls to psychics and those with telekinetic abilities. These novels can have a wide range of times, places, and hero/heroine types, and the versatility appealed to me. You never know what you will find when you open one of these books. Ghouls, Ghosts, the Easter Bunny, they can all pop out at you. Your hero or heroine can possess any number of powers and have any kind of past.

Why I chose Unconventional for this series

A little background on my writing process. When I write a novel, the characters come to me fully formed and show me why they should be the hero/heroine. Then the story forms out of how those characters interact and react during the situations thrown at them.
When I began the process of writing this book, I’d just heard about the end of the Mayan calendar (12-21-2012) theories. Some said it would bring the end of the world, and others suggested it would mean a major change. I also recall hearing something about a rare planetary alignment. All these changes begged for a story.
Then I wondered, “What if the world could end without ending? Better yet, what if scientists explained it away, as they have so many unexplained things, and life went on as usual?” The basic idea formed.
Then I looked to see who might step forward as my hero and heroine. I was pleasantly surprised to see the wounded yet strong Ian and Brie step forward. Their pasts and the things they were trying to hide fit perfectly into my scenario and sparked off each other.

I hope my rather unusual explanation helps you to understand what I love about unconventional paranormal romance. I do hope that one day a sexy vamp or a loyal werewolf will find their way into my stories, but until then, I’m happy to write tales of my flawed yet courageous humans and the powers they find themselves in possessing.

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Blurb -

On Dec 21, 2012, at 2:12pm, the sky went dark all over the world, and people's lives changed in ways they feared to admit. Thousands died in accidents while others claimed to have seen demons and found themselves locked up in their local psychiatric ward. Scientists explained away the phenomenon, and things seemed to return to normal.

After a decade of trying to conceal a power she never expected or wanted, Brie Duval was used to being alone. When life—or more appropriately, a meddling friend, sends her on a blind date with Ian Connors, she discovers she wasn't the only person to gain powers that day.

They find themselves falling in love while on the run from a creature with eyes that suck in light and a force that controls their wills, but Brie can't help but fear their love is a side effect of the menace. In order to survive, they must put aside their fears and embrace the gifts they've fought so hard to deny.


  1. I'm a paranormal Romance junkie right now, I just can't seem to get enough of them and there are so many great ones out there to read. I think the fact that the author can do things in a paranormal romance that other authors just can't do in realistic romances like have vampire, werewolf and demon characters, visit other worlds and have powers that in real life could not exhist. That's what makes reading paranormals so exciting.

  2. Paranormal romances take you out of your everyday to a new world. The characters are stronger, loyal, and possessive. The atmosphere can be dark and mysterious or light and humorous but always different from my everyday. They give me a chance to escape but not really go anywhere.


  3. Very nice post. I like paranormals for the alpha heroes and creative worlds the authors create.


  4. I love escaping to a world where things work differently and anything can happen. It's nice to read about something out of the ordinary. Most paranormal authors I've read work so hard at creating the worlds down to the minutest details it is truly amazing. I also love paranormal romances- strong super sexy men and women that are different to regular people, who couldn't resist. All this and more is why I love the paranormal genre :)


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