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Review of Her Goblin Protector (Goblin Market) by Thalia Frost

Title: Her Goblin Protector (Goblin Market)
Author: Thalia Frost
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance - Goblins
Format: ebook
Release Date: June 8th 2012
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Lizzie Lake's house sitting job in the hills of Appalachia is about to get very interesting when a sensual fight between man and goblin breaks out...

Lizzie Lake looks forward to a few peaceful months at her aunt’s place, Landry’s Farm, but her first night proves the place is anything but tranquil.

When she sees a non-human but handsome face in the window, she wonders if the superstitions her Aunt Lou holds are true. After finding a dogeared copy of the poem Goblin Market, she suspects that an old myth from the past lives on in the present. Handsome local Riley Mann distracts her from the strange goings on, but an encounter with a goblin man, Lorcan, changes everything. Will he be able to protect Lizzie from danger, and can she trust her heart to him?


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Sexual -


My Review -

This was a short very novella that deals with a young woman who helps out her elderly aunt by staying at her remote home in a rural area while she goes away on a trip. The only thing that makes you aware something is not right is her aunt's warning never to go into the woods.

Lizzie at first thinks nothing about it until she happens to glance out the kitchen window and sees the face a slightly green man looking at her. Fear grips Lizzie as she feels that she may be losing her mind as she keeps feeling eyes are upon her all the time.

Lizzie decides to escape into town and meets up with the gorgeous Riley who ends up helping relieve some of her tension. However what happens next makes Lizzie realize that perhaps her fears are misplaced and that Riley is not who he appears to be.

This was an interesting story that had some nice, hot scenes and surprised me as I never knew goblins could be so well-endowed. However, there were alot of unanswered questions that made me feel that there were alot of missing pieces. Anything ranging to the existence of the goblin people in woods, the type of relationship the goblin king was asking of Lizzie to the surprising revelation about her aunt. I would have liked if the book expanded on some of these issues, thus making me feel that it wasn't as smooth as it could have been.

A nice introduction to goblins that will have readers seeing them far differently then little green men in the future. Believe me these guys are far from little. :)


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