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Review The Wannabe Vampire by Alex Taylor

Title: The Wannabe Vampire
Author: Alex Taylor
Source: Request
Genre: Paranormal Chick-Lit
Length: Short Novel (158pgs on Kindle)
Michael Alexander is not your typical vampire.

He has a house in a small coastal California city, a software development team in Mumbai, and a black Toyota Prius. He wants nothing more than to enjoy the pleasant life he's crafted for himself and the friendship of Kari, his new next door neighbor.

Unfortunately, Michael also has a stalker.

Bruce is convinced that only the power of a vampire can save him from the ghost that haunts him. After a chance encounter in the grocery store, he turns to Michael for help. When Bruce's entreaties are rejected, his unstable nature takes over. Trapped between a desperate and deranged man and his fantasies, Michael and Kari are caught in the crossfire.

Let me start off with saying that the synopsis can be a bit misleading. I was expecting sort of a quirky story about a vampire living in the burbs, falling in love with his neighbor and triumphing over an evil stalker along the way.  What I found was a bit different.

Michael is a vampire who centuries ago was the A-typical vamp from the horror movies.  Killing and pillaging to his heart's content.  Things caught up to him and he was almost killed. On his last leg he found refuge with a forgiving family that  become his friends and taught him to be more human.  A few centuries pass and he's now living in California.  He doesn't kill when he feeds anymore, choosing instead to use Craiglist to find his meals.  And he rarely leaves his home preferring the company of bottle of wine and his television. He seems to be existing rather than living.

Enter Kari, the new neighbor.  She's got rough edges and mistrustful indisposition due to the harassment and stalking of an ex-boyfriend. 

Slowly Kari and Michael embark on a friendship.  Drawn together through mutual loneliness romantic feelings aren't far behind.

The 'Villain' Bruce is a tortured soul.  Literally.  He's been haunted by a ghost since an early age. He believes ghosts can't haunt the un-dead so he makes it his mission to become a vampire.  After a chance encounter with Michael he starts to stalk him demanding to be turned.  When the direct approach doesn't work he begins formulate all kinds of plans to get Michael's cooperation.  Along the way he becomes fascinated with Kari as well.

The Wannabe Vampire is incredibly well written, but I must confess, a bit different than what I usually read.  I'm used to the heroes and the villains being very clearly defined.  With Bruce, the villain, I had a hard time disliking him.  More often than not I pitied him.  There were times I was convinced that he was clearly mentally unstable and the ghosts a figment of his imagination.  Michael wasn't the usual 'man-in charge' type of character I usually read about either.  He's very sweet, very sympathetic, and at times borderline feminine.  Kari and Michael's relationship was a joy to watch blossom, but for someone like myself that reads a lot of the 'heavier' romance I was a little disappointed that I never saw their relationship take the "final" step.  From the author's website I'm led to believe this going to be a series, so who knows what might happen in future installments.  

So, even though the Wannabe Vampire was out of my normal realm I have to admit I found it to be a  very touching and compelling read.  I wanted so much for a happy ending for everyone, and wasn't disappointed. Even poor Bruce got his own bit of peace.

*The Wannabe Vampire will be offered as a free read on Amazon from July 13-15th.


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I'm glad you enjoyed The Wannabe Vampire, and I hope you'll come back for more when the second book in the series is released later this year.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you're happy with the review :)


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