Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review Whistle Down the Wind by Sibelle Stone

Title: Whistle Down the Wind (Mystic Moon #1)
Author: Sibelle Stone
Source: Author request
Genre: Historical paranormal romance- Witch
Length Novel
Reviewed by Laurie

Arrested for using her magical powers to protect herself, Catlin Glyndwr faces the hangman’s noose. Descended from a long line of elemental witches, she can control the wind and weather. But the worst thing that can happen in 1664 England is to be charged with practicing of witchcraft. Especially when the accusation is true.
Sir Griffin Reynolds is visiting his closest childhood friend before embarking on a secret mission for King Charles II to the New World. 

When his friend becomes deathly ill while interrogating a beautiful woman accused of witchcraft, Griffin accepts her offer of help. In exchange for her freedom, she’ll heal his friend.
When Griffin and Catlin embark on a journey to Virginia to save the colony, they succumb to the temptation of a white hot passion that blazes between them. But a Dark Druid stalks Catlin, and if he can’t possess her and her magic -- no man will.

A beautiful witch discovers there’s more than one way to be wicked.

 Whistle Down the Wind is an awesome historical paranormal romance to read, I loved it so much I read it in one day.  Sibelle Stone is no stranger to the romance world this is just another pin name, so don’t think this is her first rodeo because believe me once you read this you’ll know the difference. I think Sibelle brought Catlin and her sisters to life as she describes Catlin story.
The author mixes the right amount of story, romance and she hits a good connection with all the characters. This is one series that is not to be missed if you’re a paranormal romance reader that loves a good witch story.  I myself will be knocking this author’s door down for the next book. I want to read who Catlin’s elder sister hooks up with and what’s going to happen to the Windago. 
I hardly ever read a book and want to tell about the whole book in a review but this one I really want to tell you everything, I’m holding on by a thread here. This is one book I highly recommend for paranormal romance readers to try.

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