Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review Wolf's Heart by Melissa Jolley

Title: Wolf's Heart (Feral #1)
Source: Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella (43pgs on Kindle)
Publisher: Breathless Press 

Gypsy myths and legends are something Larissa put behind her a long time ago. 
Unfortunately, they never forgot her.

When Larissa's best friend sends her on a mission to get the autograph of Zane Adamson— the sexy star of the paranormal television hit Feral— she is far from thrilled. Larissa is a realist, and silly fantasy conventions are not her idea of fun. When she meets Zane, however, she decides her fortunes are looking up. Unfortunately, for Larissa, Zane is harboring secrets that affect both of their lives; past, present and future.

As reality and fantasy collide, will Zane be able to convince Larissa that she has the strength to ensure her own survival as well as protect the existence of the world she turned her back on long ago?

Need a quick shifter fix? Wolf's Heart has you covered.

It is a fairly short novella, so things happen fast. But don't be disparaged, there's plenty of action, steamy romance, and a few laughs to be had.

Check out Wolf's Heart when you're in the mood for something quick but satisfying :)


Larissa leaned back, taking a sip from her wine glass before speaking. "It's funny; you say you've known Sarah a long time but she's never mentioned you. And believe me, she'd love to tell everyone she's ever met that she knows a TV star!"

Zane smiled ruefully. "We hadn't seen each other in years so when we caught up again, I asked her not to make a fuss. She knows me well enough to respect that."

Larissa still was not convinced. She knew Sarah pretty well too, and it was not like her friend to keep something this big to herself. She let it go, though; Larissa had more important questions to ask. "So, Zane, what else did Sarah tell you about me?"

His eyes flashed at her, too knowing, and her confidence faltered as he stared into the flame of the candle placed between them. "You've shunned your gypsy roots and don't believe in the folklore of your family, but you're a free spirit who doesn't like to be tied down and moves often. You prefer all things modern, yet your favorite city is Edinburgh. Rather gothic for a modern girl, don't you think?" He looked up at her, smiling. "You're cautious when you meet good men, but reckless with your heart when it comes to less savory characters. It seems you like the bad boys." Zane paused, eyeing her with fascination. "You really are a mass of contradictions."

Larissa felt the fire in her cheeks. Sarah is definitely in the bad books. "Anything else?" She spoke through gritted teeth.

"Oh, and you're incredible in bed," he added, seemingly unfazed by her obvious irritation.

She felt her cheeks burn deeper still, but her jaw unclenched at the shock of his words. She drank half her glass of wine in one gulp, before speaking again, whilst Zane eyed her patiently, a cheeky grin planted firmly on his ever-so-tasty lips. Gorgeous smug bastard. Larissa fixed a smile of false indifference on her face. "Sarah has been a busy girl." 

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