Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review Spanked By An Angel by Carolyn Rosewood

Title: Spanked By An Angel - Notorious Nephilim Book 1 
Source: Author request
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance- Angel and M/F/M
Length: Novella  
Reviewed by Laurie

Fleeing memories of her recent divorce and longing for some control over her life, Abigail Cosslin takes a two-week vacation at an exclusive resort that caters to its guests’ every desire. When she becomes involved with two of the resort’s mysterious, sexy owners, she doubles her pleasure, but what are they hiding?

Zachary Neville and Emmett Fallon are Nephilim who’ve been imprisoned on Earth for ninety years, and unless they fall in love with a mortal woman, they’re destined to live out eternity indulging in their favorite vices with no permanent satisfaction.

Zach and Emmett helped start Lilith’s Playground during Prohibition as a way to snub those who had a hand in their punishment, but each man longs for true love.

When they meet and seduce Abigail, hope begins to build. But will she believe their story and accept them on such terms? Or will she be lost to them forever?

Carolyn Rosewood knows how to bring imagination to life. I love how she described the surroundings and how she carried out the romance in the story. I really got into the story of these brothers and I can’t wait to read see what adventures holds for the remanding brothers. You’ll find emotions and hot sex that include anal play, double penetration and some good spanking. If you’re in the mood for a hot M/F/M ménage with a couple of hot angels than give this book a try.
It takes a bit for Abigail to warm up to these hot men but once she does the fireworks starts to happen. I really felt the connection between them all. I like the way she found out what the men were hiding about themselves.
I recommend this to anyone who likes some heat to their paranormal erotic romance novella.


  1. This sounds like a scorching read(:

  2. That sounds like a very interesting read, indeed.

  3. Thank you for the review! I'm so pleased you enjoyed this! :)

    Katie and Mary, thank you! I hope you'll check out this book, as well as the next five in the series. :)

  4. Katie- That it is! lol

    Mary- Thanks for stopping by and please do check this book out.

    Carolyn- Your welcome. Thank you again for letting me read this one. I cant wait for the next one..


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