Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review Shifter In Ascent by Vivian Wood

Title: Shifter In Ascent (Louisiana Shifters Book One)
Author: Vivian Wood
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel

     Tessa Anderson has been dragged, wide-eyed, into the world of Shifters – beings capable of changing into wolves. Unfortunately for Tessa, her new world is fraught with danger from Shifters and human enemies alike. She finds shelter from the storm with deeply conflicted Shifter Jace Copeland, and a breathless passion is sparked – but when all the secrets come out, Tessa will have to choose who to protect. - blurb taken from Goodreads.

Shifter In Ascent began face-paced and jumped right into the new reality of Tessa Anderson.  Tessa is forced to be a spy for an enemy of all supernaturals.  Jumping into this new reality with her you couldn't wait to turn the page to see what she was going to learn next.  Was she going to betray them all or find away around it?  The chemistry between her and Jace seemed natural and I loved her relationships will other pack members.  She fits in for the first time in her life - she feels like she belongs.  I think many readers can empathize with feelings of not fitting in and just being different.  I know I can.  However, Shifter In Ascent did have a few flaws.  I think Jace walked a fine line between alpha and just being a total and all consuming jerk.  However, I feel in the end he did redeem himself which tipped the scale off of total jerkdome.  The world building wasn't perfect, but for the first book in the series I felt I understood the reality Jace and Tessa were in clearly.   I did feel the sexy scenes were extremely well executed and  felt very natural in the story.  I wanted to give a little example of this:

"That's how he knew he wasn't dreaming anymore.  His mind would never invent a breathless little whisper like that.  It was much too innocent for Jace's lusty imagination. Jace froze, and the girl released another breathy sound that made him painfully hard.  Gods, this female was a seductress even in her sleep.  This, Jace reminded himself, is why females were the enemy of the bachelor. "

Taking all of the above into consideration I feel it deserves a 4 - a pack howl. It takes a special story to pull me in and not let me go and this fact tips the scales!


As for heat I rate this a "Steamy"!


I want to thank Bitten By Paranormal Romance 
for letting me guest review Shifter In Ascent! 

Guest Reviewer:  
Annie from Booked & Loaded

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