Friday, August 17, 2012

ARC Review Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks

Title: Never Seduce a Scot (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs #1)
Author: Maya Banks
Source: Edelweiss
Genre: Scottish Historical Romance
Length: Novel (352pgs)
Release Date: Sept 25 2012 from Ballantine Books at Random House


A sinfully sexy new romance from Maya Banks features a remarkable woman whose rare gift teaches a gruff Scottish warrior how to listen with his heart.

 Eveline Armstrong is fiercely loved and protected by her powerful clan, but outsiders consider her “touched.” Beautiful, fey, with a level, intent gaze, she doesn’t speak. No one, not even her family, knows that she cannot hear. Content with her life of seclusion, Eveline has taught herself to read lips and allows the outside world to view her as daft. But when an arranged marriage into a rival clan makes Graeme Montgomery her husband, Eveline accepts her dutyunprepared for the delights to come. Graeme is a rugged warrior with a voice so deep and powerful that his new bride can hear it, and hands and kisses so tender and skilled that he stirs her deepest passions.

Graeme is intrigued by the mysterious Eveline, whose silent lips are ripe with temptation and whose bright, intelligent eyes can see into his soul. As intimacy deepens, he learns her secret. But when clan rivalries and dark deeds threaten the wife he has only begun to cherish, the Scottish warrior will move heaven and earth to save the woman who has awakened his heart to the beautiful song of a rare and magical love.

Maya Banks sure does it all.  I'll admit I've read a bunch of her contemporaries but never delved into her historicals, I realized quickly I've been missing out.

I don't think the synopsis could be any more complete so I won't bore you with a play by play, let's just jump into what I thought :)   The story was absolutely wonderful.  I felt for Eveline so much that I got teary eyed on more than one occasion.  Not only is she trying to be accepted by a clan of people that hate her only because of her parentage but she has to do it while balancing her allegiance to her own people.  Choosing between love and family is a fairly common occurrence in historical romance but I don't think I've ever felt so personally involved with a character.  Her determination to be accepted in the face of her disability was exceptionally heart warming.  And let us not forget about the hero. *Sigh* Graeme is exactly what I look for in male leads.  He's definitely an alpha but not a selfish one.  The needs of his clan and those he holds closest come before himself.  He's understanding, strong, and not to mention hotter than all get out.  YES, he is the perfect romance hero ;)

My only complaint was that, at times, the book seemed a bit long winded.  There were small descriptions of menial tasks, or conversations that didn't seem too important to the story that when lumped together added to the considerable length of the book.  Although, this didn't necessarily make the story any less wonderful, I'm just not patient enough and found myself skimming a couple of times to get to the 'good' stuff.

In all, if you've got a hankering for a historical with quite a bit of drama, a heroine that will pull at your heart-strings, and a hero that will likely make you swoon look no further than Never Seduce a Scot. I've already got my mind in a frenzy trying to figure out which characters will star in the forthcoming addition to the series, Highlander Most Wanted

*On a personal note I would like to say that I love the cover and adore the fact that the couple actually LOOK like the characters in the book.  Too many times I've found myself aggravated when cover models look nothing like the character they are supposed to be portraying.  Just one of my many pet peeves :)


  1. Great Review!!! I just loved this book, and you should try her other historical' my opinion its her best work!! But then I have a weakness for a good historical romance....sigh....I really liked the points you made, and I think I shed a tear or two reading this one, in my opinion its a keeper!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!! Hope you have had a good week so far!!!

  2. Thanks :) I just went to goodreads and the synopsis for the next one is out now. It sounds amazing!

  3. I'm glad you like this one. I tried her first book in the McCabe Trilogy and found it just okay so, I didn't continue. Since you liked this on I might try to give this series a go.

  4. I so need to pick up this series. I love historicals and Maya Banks but just haven't started the series for some reason. Sounds like I'm definitely missing out though. Love that they match the cover. That's one of my pet peeves too :) Thanks for the little nudge on the series.


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