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Bitten’s She-Wolf Pack Thursday Review for August

Title: Destiny Bewitched (Shadows of Destiny, #4)
Author: Leia Shaw
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel (ebook 197pgs)

Deemed “trailer trash” by humans and the daughter of the most disgraceful family of witches and warlocks since the Puritan age, Samantha is used to fighting her own battles. When her younger sister is taken to the Underworld, Sam doesn't hesitate to rescue her.

To survive the harsh land, she makes a deal with a demon — the most dangerous of creatures in the realm. Even with those lustrous horns, Geo is as hot as the hell she's stuck in. Fighting nasty beasts in a supernatural version of the gladiator games is easy compared to falling in love with a man who has no future to offer.


Laurie's Ratings:

4 - A pack howl  
Sexual - HOT!

Leia Shaw has a fantastic mix of danger and romance. I myself had a hard time getting into the first had of the book. It was either I haven’t been keeping up with series order or it could have just been me who knows, but as I reached just about the middle of the book the story started picking and things stated to fall into place for me. By the end I was really enjoying the romance between the hero and heroine and all the excitement of the games.

Great characters, action and a hot romance this one is well worth the read, so please add this one to your TBR pile.

Jasmyn's Ratings:

5 - An alpha howl
Sexual -  HOT!

Who knew the Underworld could be romantic?  It's just what Samantha and Geo need to get the spark started.  Samantha is a headstrong and determined leading lady.  And when you match her up with a dominating and stubborn leading man, things just keep getting more and more interesting.  In Samantha's quest to rescue her sister, she finds Geo to be so much more than she expected.  She is a breath of fresh air to Geo, and who couldn't use one of those after living in the Underworld.  Things really heat up about half way through when the skin tight leather gets taken out, and it only gets better.
A fantastic read - one of my favorites this summer.

CaroleDee's Ratings:

5 - An alpha howl  
Sexual - HOT!

Destiny Bewitched sucked me in from the first chapter.

Samantha's character was a great mix of tough yet vulnerable.  Her ability to kick butt with a sword but still be emotionally vulnerable was awesome.  Geo, too, was a joy to read.  He's the total package. Strong, smart, and loyal. Always great qualities in a hero ;)

Overall it was a great romance with huge doses of action,love,sex,heartbreak and ultimatley an absolutely wonderful happily ever after that I'm always looking for. I look forward to seeing what comes next from the mind of Leia Shaw.

Doug's Ratings:

4+ - A pack howl  
Sexual - HOT!

This is one of those surprises I occasionally get when I read a book that I expected to be mundane or boring and find it to be enthralling and addictive. 

Destiny Bewitched by Leia Shaw was a thrill ride almost from page one, it starts with a bang and then becomes a struggle to free Samantha’s sister, initially with the  less than enthusiastic support of a “demon” (a term he denies many times) named Geo. He becomes "bewitched" with our strong willed heroine and now let the games begin ..... 

This book brings to mind many similarities to one of my all time favorite books by a young Patricia Briggs called The Hob's Bargain so I may be a bit biased since I still have fond memories of that book long before I became addicted to PNR/UF. As many fantasy based PNR novels this one has an epic struggle and the unlikely pair become inseparable and about 50% through the book it starts getting a bit more erotic and steamy. Make no mistake, this is a romance with an action novel background and follows a theme I see a lot these days of “What would I sacrifice for the one I love” and the answer is always “anything’. 

Instead of me droning on with teasers and tidbits of the story, let me just say if you like impossible odds, red hot passion, a heartfelt romance and an ending you will remember, this is a great book. My only complaint now is that I already had dozens of books (well more like hundreds) to read and now I have to go get the other books in this series (Shadows of Destiny) since I need to read at least one of the preceding books and the sequel to this one is already setup at the end of this one. This is 4+ Star reading and one that will leave you feeling good at the end. 

Highly recommended …. could have easily rounded it up to 5 Stars ,   Not for 17 and under and more different kinds of creatures than you can count.

Well after a marathon reading session that lasted for several days I have finished all the known releases of the Shadows of Destiny series.  This series has captured my attention in several ways not the least of which is that the whole series covers an overlapping timeline (means things in one book may be happening at the same time as other things in another book).  I should mention up front that all of these books feature a strong heroine who for reasons that seems to be more hormonal than intelligent falls for an ultra alpha male type.  In most cases she does not even like the guy.  While this is a basic formula that pervades all the stories it does not keep each one from being unique and entertaining.  I should also mention that these are pretty much R rated for sexual content (but less so than Demonica or Horsemen of the Apocalypse series).  In the reading order I have placed below the first 2 stories are pretty much shifter action/romance tales and then the alpha males switch to vampire types (think of it as vampire 2.0) for the next 2 books and then becomes a demon/vampire/sorcerer/other  type (still not exactly sure what he is) but in my opinion all were very entertaining even though the times the author allowed the “Tarzan” mentality to go too long it became frustrating but then she would rein it in and make him somebody you could enjoy reading about.  

This series is far from finished and I cannot wait for the next book later this year, I suggest you click the links and read the summaries but bottom line if you like action, romance, good endings and a bit of serious sweaty bodies close to the end of most of them (the author gets Kudos from me for not overdoing the sexual theme as many do), you WILL enjoy these.  

While as a whole I would give this series a 4+Star recommendation (HEY, I just spent 4 days reading them whenever I could, obviously I liked them).  The reading order is a bit convoluted and the author actually tried to make them all semi stand alone books but there is enough overlap to make spoilers so the below is my personal recommended reading order  (reading order is my suggestion to avoid minor spoilers):

Short Story - For the Love of Harmony 

(available only in PDF at this link
Destiny Unchained (Shadows of Destiny) (officially book 3)
Destiny Divided (Shadows of Destiny)
(officially Book 1)
Destiny United (Shadows of Destiny)
(officially Book 2)
Destiny Bewitched (Shadows o fDestiny)
(officially book 4)

*Reading in this order will prevent most spoilers. They are close to stand alone but there are mentions of other characters that kind of let you know some major stuff before you read the books. Highly recommended.*

The author of Destiny Bewitched - Leia Shaw

I began my writing journey while I was stranded at the airport waiting for my delayed flight. I browsed the Border’s kiosk and grew frustrated that I couldn’t find the “it factor” — the perfect combination of alpha male-ness, ass-kickery, strong females, magic, and sex.

So I spent the next four hours on an airplane writing my first book on scraps of paper and an airsick bag (which thankfully I didn't need to use).
Now I spend too much time in my head, plotting evil villains and the hot men (and women) who ruthlessly kill them. I think far too much about fae politics, dragon power games, and how fast werewolves can change forms. But writing my paranormal romance series has given me a productive place to express those dark places in my mind.

I live in New England with my husband and two kids. Though I will go to my grave denying it, my husband insists I would be thrilled if he suddenly sprouted fangs.

*For updates on the Shadows of Destiny series and other works by Leia check her out:
At her website
On Twitter
On Facebook
On Goodreads


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