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Guest romance author Dianna Hardy + giveaway!

The Time To Be Independent.
by Dianna Hardy

Whatever you think about Fifty Shades Of Grey, it cannot be argued that its success has brought, not just romance, but super-steamy / erotic romance into the limelight. Something that was closet is now mainstream.

As an independent author, I have to say that I’ve noticed a difference in attitude and my readership since that book was picked up by commercial publishers. Friends and acquaintances, who would never have asked about my books before, suddenly are asking.

When I wrote The Witching Pen (paranormal romance) one year ago, the fact that I wrote sex scenes in a book that would otherwise have been mainstream, simply counted it out of the running for any kind of acknowledgement from general readers. Now… there’s never been a better time to be an independent author. One by one, self-published authors are finding themselves picked up by big publishers, but more than that, they are finding that their readership is growing because of a new acceptability and accessibility within the mind and public consciousness, that wasn’t there before.

Laurie’s upcoming Indie Romance Convention is another example of how now is the time to be independent, if you were ever going to try.

From The Witching Pen (book one of The Witching Pen Novellas) to this third book out today, The Demon Bride, my writing life has been one fast-paced, amazing journey that I hope continues to grow stronger every day.

The Witching Pen Novellas are available in digital and paperback format. All info and buy links can be found on the series website The Witching Pen Novellas.

The Demon Bride
(Book Three of The Witching Pen Novellas)

Two thousand and eleven years after the birth of the Failed One, the Witching Pen will be made manifest on Earth by the Great Shanka Witch of the Old Scrolls. By her hand, the Earth will rumble and shatter, and all dimensions will bleed into one.

The true purpose of the Witching Pen has been revealed, and it must be destroyed before an apocalyptic prophecy comes true. There's just one problem – the Pen is indestructible.

As everyone searches for much needed answers, Elena lays down plans for a radical mission to save her mother from the Shanka's shadow world.

Meanwhile, Mary has finally discovered who she really is, and what that means for the human race.

What Mary doesn't know, is that Gwain has been searching for her for over ten thousand years, and had lost all hope of finding her. Now that he has her, he's faced with an impossible choice: does he save the woman who altered his very existence, or does he sacrifice her to save mankind? 

The Demon Bride eBook is released TODAY in Amazon stores and Smashwords (other retailers to follow). All download links can be found at Dianna’s website.

The Demon Bride paperback (released 31st October) can be pre-ordered from

Dianna Hardy is a multi-genre author of paranormal things, dark things, poetic things, sexy things, taboo things, and sometimes funny things. She writes about witches, demons and angels. All info about her books can be found on her website


Since this series needs to be read in order, I’m giving away one copy of either book one, two or three – winner’s choice!
Reader chooses eBook format. International giveaway.


  1. Sounds like a great book and series.


  2. This series sounds great, I'm adding it to my TBR list (:


  3. I love indie authors, and I agree that this is a great time to be one. Hopefully it will just get better and better for all of the authors, I know they struggle a lot more to get their work out there. And honestly, a lot of it is much much better than the "big names" I've read.

    This sounds like an interesting series, I'd love to read it. And that cover is just wicked awesome :)

    liz at fictional candy dot com

  4. Sounds like a great story. I love reading series.

  5. Sounds like a great set of books to read:) thanks for the chance to win.
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  6. That looks like great series.

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  7. This series is great, can't wait to read the latest installment

  8. Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful comments!

    Liz, I think it will get both better and better and harder and harder, as indie authors get ever more good at their craft, and that's certainly happening, which can only be a good thing for readers :)

    Just stopping by to wish everyone luck and even if you don't win, do stop by Facebook / Twitter / wherever I venture, and look me up.

    Thanks BBPR for hosting me :) xxx

  9. I really think this series looks good. Thanks for the post and giveaway.

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  10. I gotta read this it sounds fantastic.Have a great week


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